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2DPO The dreaded TWW begins!

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Cherub250 Sat 09-Jan-16 10:15:19

So I'm on 2dpo and obviously 3 days in on the tww! Is there anyone the same that wants to be my tww buddy and compare notes? A little bit of back ground info on ttc... My OH and I haven't used contraception for two years now! However we haven't been officially 'trying'! There have been months where we haven't even BD around ovulation etc so technically this is our first month "Officially" ttc! I'm pretty sure I ovulated Thursday but we BD Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning & Evening, Thursday Morning & Evening & last night lol! grin Today my CM has gone straight back to CWCM and that's it thus far! Any advice on getting through the tww, helping implantation? etc etc?

bobcat85 Sat 09-Jan-16 10:34:11

Same here although I'm not sure if it'll come to anything. I think I ovulated Tuesday or Wednesday and we tried Sat, Sun, Mon and Thursday.
I'm just going to try and not get my hopes up until I know for sure.

Cherub250 Sat 09-Jan-16 11:26:24

Hey bobcat85, same I don't want to get my hopes either! Althought I have come to realise that ovulation can sometimes be a day or two out; you're more than likely in with a chance!! I've just had a weird moment... after having the usual EWCM through until Thursday, it stopped and went to watery, then EWCM showed up again yesterday! This morning it was back to CWCM! Just checked again and it seems to be small amounts of EWCM again! Whaaaat??!! I hope I have actually ovulated! Can your CM change through the day? I'm confused now lol! I'm thinking all sorts, like, what if i'm ovulating today instead and we didn't BD this morning before he went to work!! Can it just be my partner's (you know what) shock coming back out from last night? TMI, I know sorry

Brenna24 Sat 09-Jan-16 20:00:58

I ov'd either monday or tuesday, so either 4 or 5 dpo. BD Friday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday (plus some more before the friday). Drumming my fingers and waiting here.

leoniethelioness Sat 09-Jan-16 20:11:16

I think I probably ovulated on Wednesday or Thursday but I'm not sure. AF is due on 20 January so I'm crossing my fingers for good news then. Keeping an eye on every twinge and possible symptom!

Cherub250 Sun 10-Jan-16 09:37:17

Hey Leoniehelioness, I'm due on the 21st so we're basically the same!! Today is about 3dpo for me! Had this really horrible full feeling in my uterus since Friday! It's not nice, it's eased off today but it's still there and not nice! I don't have a clue what it is or what it means!! I'm so in tune with my body, I find myself getting a little tickle on my foot then googling to see if it's a symptom (joke) lol but I am pretty bad! I have lots of CWCM but that's usually normal for me at this stage!! I keep walking like I'm a ballerina hoping for implantation!! You feeling any different?? Babydust to you xx

FedUpNowPleaseHelp Sun 10-Jan-16 10:32:19

Hi can I join please smile

Finally had a sustained temperature rise smile meaning I have ovulated after 65 days

Brenna24 Sun 10-Jan-16 10:33:41

I think I am due on the 21st too. I am having random wee niggly cramps but apart from that nothing so far.

bobcat85 Sun 10-Jan-16 13:57:41

I've had very tender breasts since yesterday, quite unusual but not counting it as a sign yet as it's so early. I guess I'd be around 5dpo if ovulation happened on Tuesday.
AF is due around the 23rd according to the My Days app.

bobcat85 Sun 10-Jan-16 14:08:55

Opps, I meant AF due on the 19th.
Although Ovia and My Days say different things I'm going to go with Ovia.

Cherub250 Sun 10-Jan-16 14:38:17

Hey lades, we're getting quite the little group going!! FedupNowHelpPlease... did you not ovulate last month then? We're all due around the same time which is awesome! We'l have to keep each other updated! I've been into town today and have awful lower back pain now, I know it's too early for implantation but here's hoping it's a sign!

Cherub250 Mon 11-Jan-16 10:35:36

Morning ladies! How are you all feeling this morning? Any symptoms from anyone?

I woke up during the night needing to go for we! I then woke up this morning desperate to go again and then 10 minutes later I needed to go again! Very odd! My Cervix this morning was Medium high, medium soft and closed! I have very CWCM which I think is a good sign for my progesterone levels to aid implantation! I've been doing some research this morning!! I found that keeping your lower tummy (uterus area) nice and warm with a hot water bottle and warm drinks will help implantation! Apparently, your feet and uterus are connected; so cold feet cold uterus lol! hmm This is just what I've been reading! Also, EPF or Early Pregnancy Factor, if any of you would like to research that, it's an awesome read and very informative!! Let's all get those BFP's this month ey?! grin Every little helps!!

Cherub250 Mon 11-Jan-16 16:32:39

Came back from my meeting today... soooo tired I fell sleep on the sofa!!

Shemozzle Mon 11-Jan-16 20:16:35

Hello, can I join? I find the buses too overwhelming a task to start reading and keep track of so prefer a smaller group. I had a positive OPK Saturday and again Sunday. BD Friday and the very early hours Sunday and then not yesterday. Don't think we will manage it tonight either, do you think that's enough? sad

That's interesting Cherub, I'll try and find the article I read today, it gave statistics of conception each month and was really interesting, it actually said the hardest part of getting pregnant is producing and keeping hold of a healthy pregnancy. Many of us will manage to get the sperm to meet egg most months but often they don't implant or the blasto dies off right after implanting before we ever know it. Having sperm meet egg is the easy bit and wether they are genetically viable is the hard bit and we have no control over that. I found this strangely comforting! I had a chemical last month so don't plan on testing early this month. I've never been patient at waiting to poas, and have stockpiled a huge amount of early tests but now I understand why it's best to wait. I wonder if I'll be saying the same next week??

leoniethelioness Mon 11-Jan-16 20:19:13

Nine days until Ovia says I can test. I wish it was sooner! I'm feeling impatient.

bobcat85 Mon 11-Jan-16 20:53:25

Shemozzle - welcome! Some interesting facts there. Must do some more reading around it.

I've got 6 more days until I can test but I have a feeling that this month won't be the month. Just a feeling I have really, not based on anything at all.

Brenna24 Mon 11-Jan-16 22:09:32

I don't think this is my month either. My temperature is up but it is halfway between where it normally is before ovulation and where it should be for this half of the month.

Welcome Shemozzle. I didn't know about the feet. Mine have been cold the last 3 nights in bed. Hot water bottle for me tonight then.

Cherub250 Tue 12-Jan-16 08:45:04

Hey Shemozzle, I totally understand what you're saying and you're right, it is strangely comforting! I had a miscarriage last year and I felt like I was loosing the plot because I was literally 5 weeks so ! week late on my period! I had 3 BFP's and 2 BFP's using anther brand, I had all the symptoms too! The pain was awful and I lost so much blood and people were actually saying to me...
"Are you sure you were pregnant?" Asif you'd ever ask a woman that anyway?! Brenna, I gave up temping you know! When I tried a few years a go my temps always used to be all of the place not matter what I did or how I slept lol! My partner was laughing at me last night! Trying to get to sleep on my back, lying as still as plank of wood lol! Then I started having weird dreams about the blastocyst trying to implant but while I'm moving in the night, it's rolling around like a pinball lol! Checked my cervix gain this morning, Medium height, firm but cushiony lol and firmly closed! Lots of CWCM but with a slight yellow tinge! Just hope it stays that way... Well and cervix moves up and goes soft! I suppose if I'm right about ovulation and all is well, implantation should be starting today right? I've bought a pack of 30 10MIU HPT from Ebay for £2.59 I figured they'd keep me going for a while lol! I'm going to buy amore expensive brand when I get a BFP!

Stay positive Ladies, especially you Bobcat!! If you're feeling negative, research the law of attraction, or got on You tube and look up 'The Secret' which explains the law of atraction!

Shemozzle Wed 13-Jan-16 13:46:14

cherub that blastocyst pinball dream has really tickled me! grin Sorry for your loss, I had one faint positive last month and then the next day negative. Period was a week late and it was horrible getting negative tests again and again until it arrived. Must be so much worse actually having several clear positives and then it happening. It's why I don't think I'll be doing early tests this month, even though I have a drawer rammed full of the early cheapies!

Cherub250 Wed 13-Jan-16 14:41:54

It's not nice is it, doesn't help that us ladies torture ourselves month after month! I'm 6dpo today I think and now my cervix has gone really low, hard and EWCM is starting to creep it's way in, I still have CWCM but it's becoming less soooo I'm dead grumpy today lol! Hope I'm still in though! Eggy has still got chance to implant yet! My 30 early cheapies are on the way lol!

Shemozzle Wed 13-Jan-16 15:33:51

What should CM be after ovulation then? I've not got as far as researching that, only EWCM in the fertile window. I take it cwcm is good?

Cherub250 Wed 13-Jan-16 18:09:19

yeh CWCM is a good indicator for pregnancy!

Brenna24 Thu 14-Jan-16 22:43:27

So the day I posted about the temperatures mine had dipped quite a bit and I thought it would keep going down. It didn't, it shot up the next day and is now up to it's normal levels for this time. So I am maybe not out after all. 5 days to go.

bobcat85 Fri 15-Jan-16 07:40:08

I got a bleed this morning, not sure if this is AF early or something else. I'll see what happens.

Cherub250 Fri 15-Jan-16 08:33:39

That's Awesome Brenna!! Stay positive!! Bobcat, it could just be implantation! Let me know if it increases! We hope you're still in! Yesterday my CV went from lots of EWCM to completely drying up! Then increased a little before I went to bed! Now it's back to CWCM! I woke up this morning dizzy, fuzzy headed with a migraine and I'm constipated! blush but these could be symptoms of a cold coming on! I don't know! I hope I'm not out but CM drying up isn't exactly an indication for pregnancy!!

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