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Implantation bleed

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Noappointmentnecessary Fri 08-Jan-16 22:55:09

Ok, so I'm probably clutching at straws here. Anyway, I was due yesterday and came on yesterday. However, it's a bit of a wierd period and blood looks like it is stopping. Mine go on for about 5-6 days. Just wondering if anyone experienced an implantation bleed like a period on their period date? Also, what was it like/colour etc? X

smorgasborgen Sat 09-Jan-16 23:07:07

I was at a wedding and was due on at some point around that time. Felt a bit emotional but was at a wedding and was scared of bumping into ex so put it down t that. I went t the bathroom and I had quite sticky dark red blood, about a couple if tea spoons worth.
Was quite upset as had been trying for 9 months and that day was my due date from an early mc ( sorry wY t much background info!)
Anyway got quite drunk t remedy the situation and forgot about it.. Still had a bit of spotting the next morning but then nothing for four days! Thought I'd better test even though I didn't want t burst the bubble and it came up positive.
Good luck!

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