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Ttc #1 after chemical pregnancy

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EllieM22 Thu 07-Jan-16 08:11:02

Hi all. Started ttc in December and was over the moon for a bfp 2 days before AF was due (tried 3 brands and all positive) but this turned to BFN and I had a heavy bleed starting Sunday 3rd Jan. It's tailing off now so we are about to try again. I have heard that you are more fertile after a chem, and that you might ovulate early. Can anyone confirm? Have started BDing yesterday which I am saying is cd4 if the bleed was cd1, and started OPKs just in case.

Anyone else in a similar position? Have promised DH I wont test before AF is due this time. It's gonna be an awful 2ww but trying to have that PMA smile

SuchaJem Thu 28-Jan-16 23:11:58

Hi Ellie how did you get on? My husband and I tried for the first time this month and I think it may have ended in a chemical pg too. I didn't get a bfp but was all over the place symptom wise and my period was early short and heavy, with none of the usual PMS.

Feel a bit weird about it but keen to try again soon.

EllieM22 Thu 28-Jan-16 23:54:23

Hi SuchaJem. Sorry to hear that. My doctor said that most first pregnancies are like that, but most women don't notice and assume its just a period! She confirmed you are more fertile after! Also you may ov earlier or later! I was 3 days later, and my positive opk was 3 days long and its normally 1 day! I had loads more ewcm this month and am now 7dpo with nausea and hot flashes like last time!!! Opks are getting darker slowly but bfn today on a frer obviously!! Af was due this coming Monday but with the late O i reckon it will be the Thurs!

I know you must feel weird about it, it definitely felt like a loss to me, those BFPs were amazing even if only for a few days! I didnt feel back to normal with my emotions for ages and even had time off work, and was anxious this cycle i wouldnt O, but once i knew i had Od i perked up a bit as we had BDd everyother day, and am starting to feel hopeful for this cycle!

Powertotheparalai Fri 29-Jan-16 00:01:23

I've already got 2 but had a chemical this month. I had a very faint (but definitely) positive and then started bleeding 2 days later. I feel really weird about it. I'm not sure how to describe it. I didn't even tell my partner becuase I was going to wait for the positive to get darker.

Now all I've got is a photo of my positive test stick which I look at in secret.

Best of luck with TTC in future- good idea to avoid early testing

SuchaJem Fri 29-Jan-16 14:49:30

Hi ellie I had read online exactly what your doctor said - that it's really common with first pregnancies and that you are more fertile afterwards. I really hope this is the case.

Your symptoms sound really positive - really hope it sticks this time for you.

I bled for two days then stopped, and not just spotting dark blood. Not sure where this leaves me with my cycle - if I got from first day of bleeding that was Monday, so I guess I'm on CD5 today?

I got some OPKs because I thought my timings might be out, but to be honest I might just try and DTD daily from tomorrow and hope for the best. Let's hope DH is on board smile

power sorry to hear you have been through this too - wishing you better luck next time.

EllieM22 Fri 29-Jan-16 15:27:38

I look at my test pic all the time too!!!!

My doc told me its a good sign that you can conceive and that she is really confident it will happen soon, just try and stay positive!

As for what day to start, i did my first spotting as cd1 but i did ovulate 3 days late so it may be i started counting 3 days too soon? Not sure, we will see when af comes (or doesnt!)

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