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FSH level of 7.1 at age 30. Is this bad?

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waitingforarainbow Wed 06-Jan-16 20:18:59

Hi everyone,

I'm currently waiting to start TTC after two miscarriages last year. I'm just waiting for all my blood results to come back. They tested my FSH and LH levels on day 3, to look for signs for PCOS. Results came back as FSH = 7.1, LH = 3.4. I know this rules out PCOS but isn't a FSH level of 7.1 quite high for someone aged 30?

I've read that a result under 9 means 'good' ovarian reserve in general, but a few websites I've found say that levels of 7+ aren't good under the age of 33, and could suggest diminishing ovarian reserves.

Could anybody please she some light? I can't see my consultant for another couple of weeks so I'm a bit in the dark!

Thanks. X

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