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Implantion bleed???

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Abby100xx Wed 06-Jan-16 14:18:57

Hi all,

not sure where to start but basically my last normal af was on the 8th November, in December I had a positive test at home and at doctors and shortly after all negatives which my doctor put down to being a CP as on the 12th December the bleeding started heavy and lasted 2 days.

Since then I haven't been sure when I would have ovulated although my doctor said after cp or mc you can have heightened fertility? well anyway me and dp have been trying on and off throughout December and this week I've had some awful lower stomach cramps which only lasted a couple of minutes each time and today had the smallest bit of orangy blood? only after wiping and just the once it was sort of like cm but orange/peachy coloured?

Does anyone have any experience with orange implantation bleed?

Seems unlikely but as ovulation and everything has been messed up i'm not sure when to expect af?

Thanks and sorry for long post!


Nikki2ol6 Wed 06-Jan-16 14:33:10

Hello. I have had implantation bleeding once. It was with my little girl she's 6 now. Basically I was in hospital visiting a relative and kept getting cramps on and off for a few hours. I was 6 dpo so knew it was not my period. I went home and when I went to the toilet and wiped on the tissue was white cm with a small pink stain....... I knew!!! I just knew!!! Took a test next day. Negative. But I knew! I waited till 12 dpo when my period was due and tested again and got a positive. I still have that test in her baby box 😃 Along with scan photos and her cord clip and a whole range of baby things lol. See where your bleeding goes. Good luck!! X

Abby100xx Wed 06-Jan-16 15:17:25

Ahh that's so sweet about keeping it in a box! smile and I know what you mean about just knowing! I've had two chemicals and both time I just knew! Hopefully the blood/cm/spotting is implantion, just don't want to get my hopes up! x

Abby100xx Thu 07-Jan-16 12:52:28


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