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TTC baba #1.. early symptoms.. 1 week until PD, what were your first symptoms?

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emanne Mon 04-Jan-16 20:11:03

Hi all smile

the list of my symptoms atm is endless... dont know if im pg or just being a drama queen. lol.
what were your first symptoms? and how long did you leave it before taking a test? im around a week away from period. dont know how much HCG (if pg) would be in my system after 10 days of unprotected????

HNY to you all too grin x x

Mslg Mon 04-Jan-16 20:41:48

Unfortunately Mother Nature has a cruel way of making PMS symptoms Identical to early pregnancy symptoms.

I waited until my period was about a week late, because I couldn't hack the waiting and disappointment if Af arrived before then.

About a week after missed period was when I properly started to get early pregnancy symptoms. Mild nausea, tiredness and aversions to coffee and cigarette smoke were a few. As well as terrible bloating. Took a clear blue digital on the Monday and it said 3+ weeks pg.

Good luck flowers

spaceyboo Mon 04-Jan-16 23:31:31

Everybody's different. A friend of mine got her BFP 10 dpo with every symptom under the sun. My sister needed to wait a week after her period for her BFP and by then things were developed enough for her to get back pain. My sis in law had no symptoms and a BFP the day before her period was due.

shelbTa Tue 05-Jan-16 13:31:29

Mine were mega insomnia, sickness, metallic taste in mouth and then burping! BFP 11 dpo.

Good luck.


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