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AF symptoms - really confused!! Help!!

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birdboo Sun 03-Jan-16 18:22:08

I am 2 days before AF is due and it's driving me nuts!! I have has a laparoscopy for endometriosis so all my usual AF hints were linked to endo just as much as me being due. I was told I shouldn't have those symptoms now because most of the endo was removed. Even so I only have 1 working tube and never been regular. A few days before I was due I would bloat up and have some spotting. My hair would turn into a greasy mess almost overnight and I will always get a few cycstic acne spots.

Right now my boobs feel like rocks, my blouse looks like my boobs are making a bid for freedom blush. They hurt even to be brushed across. Normally I get this for a day milder aches then I'm on. This has been like this since NYE. I constantly need to pee, which I never do. I have cramps which could just be as AF but they do not come from my back like normal. They are more at the front and lower. I'm also feeling really spaced out and not with it at various times.

The only normal pre AF symptom is my hair is awful, even DH noticed this morning. My skin is almost spot free. Even bloody ovia keeps giving me suggestions and hints. I tested on at 10dpo but it was a bfn.

We are staying with the PIL until Tuesday so I'm not sure if my nerves could cope leaving a test till then. Plus I'm not sure if we could keep it between us. DH is very close to his parents and they know everything about my fertility issues. I know he would want to share if we are with them but if we are home he will give it a little bit of time for it to be just us.

MissD1506 Sun 03-Jan-16 18:35:52

Hi birdboo.. Sounds pretty positive to me. Those signs are always the first for me... The tww is just agonising isn't it? Best of luck for a bfp for you, sounds like you deserve it!! X

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