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Period after miscarriage

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tori1236 Sun 03-Jan-16 13:34:38

Hi how long does it take roughly for period to come back after a miscarriage I had to have a D and C

Andysgirl15 Sun 03-Jan-16 15:05:21

It's different for everyone but with mine it took 7 weeks but I would say anything up to 12 weeks

Northernlight22 Sun 03-Jan-16 15:40:22

Mine was 6 weeks afterwards

ktkaye Sun 03-Jan-16 16:21:37

6 weeks here. And in my case it was v v light when it returned, which the surgeon warned me about having given everything 'a thorough clean out'. X

EchoesOfLeon Sun 03-Jan-16 16:22:46

34 days after d&c (I'm a numbers person!)

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