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Body completely out of whack since coil removal... Experiences?

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RvG2014 Sat 02-Jan-16 19:39:13

Good evening... Im looking for advice with regards to cycles post mirena removal.

Had mine removed 27/11. 10 days layer started experiencing stabbing pains in my ovaries and directly up inside me (sorry). This went on for 10 days. I then started spotting on the 14/12 - brown spotting and only when I wiped. I was tired, emotional and cramping. This lasted for another 10 days until christmas eve when my usual super painful period cramps started up. I bled for a day with one clot.
Ive had nothing more since besides continued cramping, horrendous heartburn which ive never experienced and my boobs feel bruised. Im sleeping constantly also. Pregnancy tests are negative.

Im just looking for some hope that this is fairly normal after removal... Its driving me bloody mad!! sad

Writerwannabe83 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:25:21

Sounds pretty grim sad

I'm planning on having my current Mirena out over the next few weeks and I hadn't even considered that it might do awful things!!

I had a Mirena out when TTC my DS (who is now 21 months) but things were pretty straight forward then.

I guess I was naively hoping it would be the same 2nd time round - but possibly not. I will be watching this thread with vested interest.

Feeling exhausted and having sore boobs were my first signs of pregnancy with DS - I don't blame you for having tested!!!

RvG2014 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:35:31

I was also naively hoping it would be more straightforward.. I only had it in 3 months but it caused such awful, violent mood swings and horrendous back and leg pain i refused to keep it in any longer...

Stupidly thought id feel more in control having it out too.. But my body appears to be keeping me on my toes. The sore boobs are killer though... And DH is getting fed up with me permanently being asleep! ;)
Also.. I was pregnant when i was 18, but miscarried at 10 weeks - in some ways it was a blessing as DH and i had only been together 2 mths, heartbreaking but, fate obviously had other plans for us.. But i only found out i was pregnant after i missed the second period as i tested negative until that point...
Its just horrendous not knowing what its up to...

Writerwannabe83 Sat 02-Jan-16 21:52:49

One of friends has two daughters, one who has recently turned 2, and the other is 6 months old, and for both her pregnancies she didn't find out until she was about 14-16 weeks because she'd been getting negatives on tests.

The first time I had a Mirena I had it for 2.5 years and it was brilliant!! I had no side effects at all, it regulated and eased my periods and I had no complaints. The hard part was getting it removed, my strings had migrated into my womb and I had to go to a Specialist clinic to have a Gynaecologist remove it under very painful circumstances. Ouch!

I had my current Mirena in when my DS was 11 months and it has been an absolute f**king nightmare. I bled constantly for about three months, every single day. I had no regular cycles, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, the bleeding would be stop, start, stop, start and the abnormal bleeding went on for about 8 months in total. I have also had thrush constantly and it has absolutely killed my sex drive.

I cannot believe how different things have been this time round.

RvG2014 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:35:12

Its mad how peoples experiences of the mirena differ... I have endometriosis so i think it just royally messed me up.
And having to have it removed by a gynaecologist is just not cool at all.. Thats not something i wish to experience again.

Hopefully, when you have it removed it wont be as awful.. And it wont cause as much disruption afterwards?
Some woman get pregnant straight away, dont they? X

Writerwannabe83 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:42:39

I was pregnant within 6 weeks of having it removed.

I had a withdrawal bleed about three days after it was taken out then I had my normal period 3 weeks later and then I conceived 12 days after that.

I believe that DH is naively thinking the same will happen this time round but I'm more realistic than him. I genuinely think we just got lucky first time round.

RvG2014 Sat 02-Jan-16 22:50:51

That is so so common by all accounts.. My gynae cons said we had to be so so careful once it was removed because a lot of women have a surge in fertility.
Our bodies play some strange games with us dont they? 6 weeks is pretty impressive though... smile

The whole sore boob thing freaks me out - i never experience it, not even before im due on. Im twingey, like crampy, bloated, exhausted... But i feel like i need to count 24/12 as cd1.. So im now cd9? X

Writerwannabe83 Sat 02-Jan-16 23:01:32

Lol, my Gynae said that it would probably take 6 months before my fertility returned grin

Me and DH had only got married the month before I had it removed so we thought "Great, that gives us 6 months to pay off the wedding before having to financially prepare for a baby .... hmm grin

When I got the BFP I phoned my husband to tell him and there was complete silence on the other end of the phone for about five seconds before saying, "Bloody hell!" It came as quite a shock to us.

I started getting pregnancy signs from CD7, utter exhaustion and weeing all the time, (like, every hour) but I didn't get the sore boobs until the day before I got the BFP.

Writerwannabe83 Sat 02-Jan-16 23:02:48

I meant I was getting symptoms 7 days after presumed ovulation, not on CD7 grin

RvG2014 Sat 02-Jan-16 23:26:48

Haha to the complete silence... And then i bet (in his head) he was congratulating himself smile haha
I bet that did come as a complete shock... My sore boobs have started on cd7... If my Cd1 was the odd 2 day christmas AF... God knows.

BeckyNW Thu 14-Jan-16 22:39:53

Well I might as well weigh in to share my current experience! Nothing as traumatic as yours, but definitely not straight back to business as usual straight away.

I had a Mirena coil removed 4/12/15. While it was in, I had light but regular periods, the last one starting 24/11/15. A day after the coil was removed, I had light bleeding for 3 days - I guess this was not a real period so soon after the last one, but apparently it's common to have a little bleeding caused by coil removal. I then skipped a period completely (really really hoped I was pregnant but BFN every day), and AF just arrived today. Very much hoping that I am now back in a regular cycle. Although it's a disappointment to have AF, at least I can now plan ovulation testing.

Hope your body settles down soon!

Nimisha Sat 16-Jan-16 10:00:04

My Mirena is stuck so it seems like having to have it removed by gynae is quite common. The family planning clinic had two goes but the threads are not there. I'm waiting for an appointment to see gynae but it's not until March. Bit miffed.

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