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Confusing symptoms...could I be pg?

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loulily27 Fri 01-Jan-16 23:40:34

Hi ladies,

I had my first baby almost a year ago and despite exclusively breastfeeding I had periods from 2 months. They were irregular but every month. I completely stopped breastfeeding at 9 months (she wasn't interested anymore 😞) and the first period was 13 days!!!! Second was normal and now I'm waiting for my third. Obviously I could just be late as I haven't been regular as hormones adjust and the other thing is we have been using withdrawal so be surprised if I am pregnant (only doing this as we have a hol soon as would be happy to conceive), but I have had overwhelming symptoms of pregnancy; sore boobs,period pains way before due, mood swings, back pain, heartburn, can smell everything, very tired. I have done a few tests and bfn what is going on????? I don't mind which result I get I just want to know!!! Any ideas I can't take the waiting! Ps I was quite late before I got a bfp with dd. Thanks

loulily27 Sun 03-Jan-16 23:00:20

Just an update - still no af or bfp!!!

Last few days savage period pains but today fine, seems to have gone almost completely but no af!!!

Was thinking could miss one cos stopped bf but had one every month since baby 2months despite exclusive bf!

Any ideas, advice please???

Thanks xxx

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