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TTC Jan/Feb 2016 after loss, praying for babydust, anyone want to join me?

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Seacrown Fri 01-Jan-16 18:45:17

Hi all!
Happy new year to you all!
My AF came today to welcome the new year on my first round TTC after losing our son, born at 25+3 in October.
So I thought it might be lovely to join with ladies who are starting the new year full of hope and praying for babydust! Would be lovely to join in people's journeys. Anyone in?
31 years
TTC #2
Cycle 2
Unsure of exact ovulation dates as my first cycle after labour was 35 days, before pregnancy was 28-29!
Hope to speak to you soon
SC Xgrin

earthmoon Mon 04-Jan-16 22:02:37

Count me in, but do excuse me, I'm normally a big time lurker and not a poster. Feel free to correct me of any mistakes you spot.

Age : 28
Angel: DS2 stillborn at 36 weeks on March 2015
Other DC: DS1 born 2013
Cycle 6

I have no idea when AF is due but based on last two cycles it, I will be due to test on 21st January. My cycles have still not settled properly I believe. AF didn't return after birth until July and then it was 35-44 days cycles for three months and the last two months I have had 28 day cycle. I sincerely hope you have better luck than I do with it.
DS1 took only three months of trying and DS2 was a surprise baby, so it feels very odd to wait this long this time.

flowers I'm very sorry for your loss flowers

Seacrown Mon 04-Jan-16 22:30:29

Hi earth moon, thank you for replying.
I am so very, very sorry for your loss. I completely empathise with how you must be feeling and it is so very frustrating when you just want your cycle to be back to normal so you can try and look to the future. Are you being given a lot of support? I truly hope so
I'm now on cd 4 and at the end of AF so I'm assuming I'm back to my 5 day flow pre pregnancy. Me and DP are going to give SMEP a go as it seems easy fairly common sense. Have you been trying anything alongside the classic lots of BD?
Hope you are ok and thank you again for replying

Mummy2b18 Tue 05-Jan-16 00:04:39

I also had a loss by in August 2015 and just starting TTC

Mummy2b18 Tue 05-Jan-16 00:06:33

Oh and I'm on CD 34 with a BFN today so no idea what's going on with my body, I just want my cycle to start so me and my boyfriend can start TTC

Mummy2b18 Tue 05-Jan-16 00:09:22

I also have a 9 month old son born April 16th 2015 sorry for lotts of posts I'm new to this

earthmoon Tue 05-Jan-16 01:31:47

Yes, I have got lots of support in rl, at the beginning I grew exceptionally closer to mum, who also lost a baby herself. But I started to feel guilty so withdrew from her. My older sister was one year old, which is different to stillbirth and it didn’t feel fair to make her relive it, but I like talking about my DS2, does the same apply to her? I don’t know. I do however, know my mother don’t like to appear vulnerable. I hope you are getting lots of support as well.
We dtd every other day, since my cycle is not settled yet, its best to be safe we feel. Anyway, some intimacy can’t hurt for as long as we both can manage it. I don’t want to start SMEP route; it will make it stressful which will delay my cycle. Instead I will need to endure crazy cycle lengths and hope that I would have at least already ovulated by 21st January, then my stress will not affect my next cycle. The only thing I’m doing alongside dtd is exercise. Its good at distressing and release some much needed feel good hormones. Smiling is hard at times, but I got a toddler at home, who needs a happy home and exercise helps me with it. I just got my BMI back into healthy levels, it’s a small achievement, but any positivity is welcomed here.

Mummy2b18 I’m very sorry for your loss to flowers flowers

Both of you have had your losses very recently, so lease be kind to yourselves, to the best of your ability. I'm not trying to be patronizing here, its just something i find hard. Losing a child is not easy

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