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Ovia, PCOS and OPKS

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Biscuitsforbribes Mon 28-Dec-15 19:24:56

Hi everyone,

Just a bit of advice please! I'm currently on day 24 of what are generally 31 to 33 day cycles, but have been known to be as long as 84 days. I have polycisitic ovaries and have been ttc for two years. No issues with my husband and were beginning fertility appointments in the new year.

I'm tracking my cycles on ovia, and my original best fertile window according to the app was Wednesday 23rd of December. The bloody thing has changed this everyday since! Today is now my fifth "ten" scoring day in a row!

I know people advise not to use OPKs if you have PCOS but I had a leftover boots own brand kicking about and took it this evening after ovia driving me around the twist and its come back sort of positive.

So what would you do? Should I assume that the original ovia was correct and take a pg test on the 6th of January as planned, keep blindly following the app and having everyday as a fertile day, or listen to the OPK and keep harassing my poor husband grin ?

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