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How accurate is a positive pregnancy test? Pregnant and have copper coil!? Mind blown

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GrassWasGreener Sun 27-Dec-15 22:52:51


I have the copper coil fitted, I had a normal period at the end of october, it was a week late and ended up coming early November. I had next period, almost on time (5th December), my periods do tend to be more of a throw darts at a calendar situation rather than actually being able to predict them. The period in December was unusually light, few days, was reasonably pleasant. Didn't suspect anything was just grateful to not have the more often monthly massacre. I have had light periods before. Then Xmas eve I had what I thought was another period starting, some cramps, and bit of fresh blood. But it stopped after few hours. Next day some old blood but nothing heavy, touch of fresh. Very odd. Little more discomfort in left hip. My hip has been tight for a few weeks but have been doing the higher level on my work out DVD so just thought I need to go and see the physio to get loosened out.

Googled spotting, as originally I thought it was literally only just that, some fresh spots seen in underwear. Quickly learned it can be in various forms. Panic... Worried now I might be ill as surely can't be from pregnancy because I have the coil... wrong. Did a test just because its the only thing I can check at home on boxing day and PREGNANT. Shocked was an understatement. On the positive side I do not think I am sick so am not worrying about random bleeding until can see a doctor, but wow, never actually in my life expected to be looking at a positive pregnancy test!

Have decided not to freak out, to much, until have seen the doctor and gotten all the facts. But still then have to decide what to do. So many factors to consider.. how far along I am, is the test actually correct, is it ectopic, can I even afford a baby, what will work say if we keep it, will we cope if I don't?

So after all that, how accurate is a pregnancy test? Used a digital one twice, both times pregnant, so not trying to decide if I can see aline or not. Clear as day, pregnant.
Did a test in november when period was late just incase and it was neg so can only just be pregnant, if the test is true.
No other symptoms, other than I can't seem to remember anything, if that is even a symptom, and the spotting. Cramps have stopped. Feel totally normal at the moment, physically anyway. Please help can I trust the test or not?

Diggum Sun 27-Dec-15 22:59:52

I think a false positive is extremely unlikely but a blood test would confirm.

In any case you definitely need an early pregnancy unit visit to outrule an ectopic given that you've got a coil. Ectopics usually present with worsening pain rather than bleeding but that might not be the case with a coil in situ.

This must be an utter shock to you. Be kind to yourself until you can see your GP and go straight to A&E if that vague hip pain starts to act up.


Wishtherewasawayout Sun 27-Dec-15 23:00:26

Hi grass I am 3 days late, I have a copper coil and I can't find the threads shock. I'm in panic mode wondering if it could really be possible and now I've just read your post. I keep having a light period type ache but nothing is coming except lots (sorry tmi) of discharge. Last period on 2 December.

bittapitta Sun 27-Dec-15 23:01:55

Sorry but pregnancy tests don't give false positives. You are pregnant, get to the GP asap.

GrassWasGreener Sun 27-Dec-15 23:12:55

thank you Diggum, I will be heading straight to a&e if any pain because of that extra risk. All seems quiet so far. But will be at the doctors at 8.55am tuesday, they open at 9am

wishtherewasawayout, I had those before, usually when ovulating once I had the coil fitted. Extra discharge and that ache a few weeks after period. So hopefully thats all yours is. But if you are regular and you know you are late, after my recent discovery, I would go for a test asap shock

Wishtherewasawayout Sun 27-Dec-15 23:20:35

Grass I've never checked my threads b4 now and gutted that I can't find anything. Again tmi, but how far up are you supposed to feel??blush

GrassWasGreener Sun 27-Dec-15 23:30:17

i felt my threads, they are still there, i think, well they were a month or so ago.

I found mine, just infront or out of my cervix, i think. They were hard enough to find at first. They felt like couple strand of hair but once I found them I knew what to feel for then

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