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Rainbow92 Sun 27-Dec-15 21:28:19

Hi all,

I'm new to this site and to TTC. came off the pill in October then used condoms til mid November when we went unprotected. I guess this month is our first proper cycle as I may have missed last months ovulation.

I've had a 27 day cycle and a 31 cycle so far.

I used opks, had a definite positive last Sunday, the day before was def negative and the day after was a strong 2nd line but not as dark as the control line so I count Sunday as the positive opk day.

Have been charting but as I'm new to this wondered if someone could have a look at my chart and see if you think I've ovulated this month??
FF thinks I have but I'm a bit concerned that the coverline is very low and there's not enough of a rise?

I had 4 days of fairly heavy spotting from sun eve- wed afternoon. It definitely wasn't a period as not heavy enough but it was there everytime I wiped and a few spots on a pantiliner for a couple of day.

What do you think?! It's all a bit baffling to me! Thanks!

mummetie Mon 28-Dec-15 12:37:58

Hi first of all can I ask what you class as creamy cm? Just the two days after you marked watery cm, I'm wondering if it was just tinged more white which is why you marked it as creamy? Watery cm doesn't have to be clear, it's about the feel.

I agree you have ovulated, it isn't unheard of having spotting around ovulation. But if it happens every month I'd have a chat with gp just to double check things. I have had spotting around ov before and always joked I was laying a big egg (no scientific proof haha just made me feel better).

Also taking into consideration your 27 day and 31 day cycle length, and an estimated 14 day luteal phase, ovulation on day 16 looks about right.

Now I'm no FF expert but have been using it since January myself to track my own cycle.

Good luck!

Rainbow92 Mon 28-Dec-15 19:21:55

Thanks for your reply! yep it was more of a whiteish yellow colour and thicker texture, although I did feel very 'damp' down below? It's all confusing!! Haha.

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