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Ovia app

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birdboo Sat 26-Dec-15 19:50:25

I've just downloaded ovia but I've no idea what I need to do to get the most out of it. I have a irregular cycle will that make a difference?

StarkyTheDirewolf Sat 26-Dec-15 23:38:49

Ovia fertility app is brilliant I think it's really helped me understand my cycle better. I just out every single thing I can think of in there and it will give you tips and bits of information back. It's based on algorithms to predict your ovulationand periods. I'd thoroughly recommend it. Us on the ttc#1 January 2016 thread swear by it! smile

Snowdog37 Sun 27-Dec-15 02:54:13

I use it too and love it. Also use Glow and Findara. But that's because I'm obsessed. First cycle ttc#1. 😜😄

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