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Ovulation after an early miscarriage

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Lemons2015 Sun 20-Dec-15 08:48:20

Would love some responses..

I had a very early miscarriage (found out the previous week I was pregnant).

Miscarriage on 5th December. Counting that as Day 1 of cycle on Clear Blue Fertility Monitor.

I've been doing the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor but been getting 8 'Highs' so far.

Wondering when it will 'Peak'? Will it be much later in cycle?

I have my 'Peak' on Day 15 of cycle last month (and got pregnant).

How many days after a early miscarriage would you expect to ovulate? Do you count the days with miscarriage being Day 1 of cycle? Or wait till end of bleeding and then count days?

Celen Sun 20-Dec-15 10:16:41

Lemons I don't have any expert knowledge but have just gone through similar.

I had an MMC and an ERPC afterwards. I've had two periods since and don't appear to have ovulated at all between them. I tested for 10 days with a flashing smiley on my last cycle then gave up. In the info with the CB stick, it said if it's flashing for 9 days then it's unlikely to go to 'peak' and won't go back to solid empty smiley so probably stop doing them.

I've also picked up from these boards that mcs can really screw up your cycles so missing ovulation isn't necessarily unusual for a while.

It can also take a while for the hcg pregnancy hormone to leave your body so might be worth take an hpt (a sensitive one) to check you still haven't got in your system? I did CB sticks too early on and the hcg hormone made the sticks go to flashing smileys although my body wasn't ovulating at all. (I then found out the first ERPC hadn't been successful but that's a whole other thread!).

Don't know if any of the above is helpful at all? And fingers crossed you get some good news soon! fsmile flowers

PJ12 Mon 21-Dec-15 18:12:35

Hi Lemons. I'm in a similar situation. I had a natural miscarriage end of Nov. I was just over 7 weeks. I got a negative pregnancy test about 2 weeks after the bleeding stopped so we started ttc straight away. I used clearblue digital opk and got a flashing face and kept getting it for the next 7 days. I was sure I was about to ovulate (would have been late ovulation but I assumed that to be normal after miscarriage) and I was very surprised when I got af showed her face. That was just over 3weeks after miscarriage (normal cycles 28-29). So it looks like I didn't ovulate at all that cycle. I'm not on CD8 and am really hoping that my cycles settle back to a normal pattern.
As Celen mentioned apparently miscarriages can really screw up your cycles for a bit. Fingers cross we both get back to a normal pattern soon.

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