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Broken test?

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daniellerose6568 Sat 19-Dec-15 09:20:21

Hi all,
Me and my partner and trying to conceive for the first time. We've been trying for a few weeks and I did a clear blue non digital test this morning and lo and behold... The damn thing didn't work! Do any of you know why? Or what to do now? Thank you! Xx

Junosmum Sat 19-Dec-15 16:04:35

Faulty batch or you did it wrong. Take the other in the packet. If that doesn't work but another test. FWIW clear blue tests are crap, much better off with a Tesco or Asda own, superdrug own or better yet a first response if you can find one .

daniellerose6568 Sun 20-Dec-15 08:22:00

Thanks Junosmum, I think I'm a little panicky. Thanks, I'll have a look for those instead xx

Abella Thu 24-Dec-15 00:18:23

I had the same problem- ring the number for clear blue on the packet and they will send you a new one if you explain and give them the batch number .

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