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But really... (post C-Sec conception)

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InspectorNorse Fri 18-Dec-15 08:39:29

Good morning smile

I had my first daughter via c section in July 2015. Prior to her arrival we had been told that there was a less than 1% chance we'd ever have kids of our own, without IVF/ICSI. She was a complete surprise!

We'd love to have more, if possible, and we'd love them to be close in age (though if I have to wait ten years so be it), but all advice seems to be to wait a year after a section to start trying again...

Given our fertility status, and I'm breastfeeding, would it be totally irresponsible of us to start trying when our baby reaches 7 months, in Feb? It's so unlikely that I'll get pregnant, but would it be awful, from a medical point of view, if I did? They must say wait a year for a reason... Having tried for so so long before having our daughter, I know all too well the feeling of "why did we not start sooner??", and so I'm just wondering if I'm being silly by wanting to at least start trying in Feb, even though it's very very unlikely I'll conceive anytime soon. If I hadn't had the section, we'd be starting after Christmas...

What would you do?!

PeppaPigStinks Fri 18-Dec-15 12:47:53

It took me 20 months to conceive dc1 naturally. We decided to try for dc2 for a minimum of a 2 year gap. I fell pregnant the same weekend we decided (and have exactly a two year gap!) shock
We were expecting it to take months like most of my friends second children did (most of them got caught by accident!)

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