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Is this a line?

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Lmc1978 Thu 17-Dec-15 10:43:21

Hi all. Apologies for another 'is this a line?' post but I need help. I can see a v faint line by DH couldn't. Shouldn't really have tested until the weekend but couldn't wait. What do you think?

Whatdoidohelp Thu 17-Dec-15 10:46:24

I can just see a line. If it came up in two minutes and is pink it is a positive. If it's grey or took a while to come up its an evap.

Lmc1978 Thu 17-Dec-15 10:56:40

Thank you for replying. Yes it came up straight away between 2-3 mins but looking at it now looks more distinct. It seems to be the same colour as the other line so will have to wait a few days and see. Think I'm around 9/10 dpo.

mamaneedsamojito Thu 17-Dec-15 11:09:06

I think I can see it faintly on the second picture...

Lmc1978 Thu 17-Dec-15 11:47:24

Thanks everyone smile

Kirjava Thu 17-Dec-15 11:58:20

Looks a bit like mine did when I got a squinter at 8dpo. Test again in a few days!

Flossiesmummy Thu 17-Dec-15 13:38:46

I'd say BFP! thanksthanks

greenlizard Thu 17-Dec-15 13:53:21

I would say that is a positive too - congratulations!flowers

Pinklily1 Thu 17-Dec-15 20:31:46

I can see a very faint line in the first and second pictures.

CarShare Thu 17-Dec-15 20:37:20

That's a line. The control line isn't very strong either so there's probs not much dye in the test. At 9/10 DPO it's not a surprise that it's a squinter. Congratulations!

Lmc1978 Mon 21-Dec-15 06:35:47

Hi everyone. Thanks for your help the other day. Just wanted to share an update 😀

KitKat1985 Mon 21-Dec-15 07:54:28

Congrats! grin

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