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Ovulation post miscarriage

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PJ12 Thu 17-Dec-15 09:05:22

Hi everyone. I had a natural miscarriage about 3.5 weeks ago and am quite confused with what is happening with my body now. I was around 7 weeks when I started spotting and that continued for about 5 days and it eventually turned to bright red blood with clots which went on for another 5 days. I stopped bleeding on the 25th Nov. A week after that I finally got a negative pregnancy test so we started ttc straight away. I used clearblue digital opk and got a flashing face and kept getting it for the next 7 days (7/12 to 13/12). I was sure I was about to ovulate (would have been late ovulation but I assumed that to be normal after miscarriage) and I was very surprised when I got af on the 14/12. That would be 3.5 weeks after miscarriage.

Did I not ovulate? Is it normal to get a period so quickly (pre miscarriage my cycles were always 28-29 days). And why was I getting a flashing smiley on my opk right before I got my period? In fact, I'm still getting them as I checked this morning. So confused confused! Has anyone else experienced something similar?

greenlizard Thu 17-Dec-15 14:13:52

Hi PJ12 sorry to hear about your MC. I have had two and my cycles went totally wonky after both (one I had a ERPC and one was natural) and it took quite a long time to even out. I also kept getting postive OPKs for days at a time and eventually went to have a scan to see what was happening. For some reason my body kept gearing up to ovulate but it didn't actually happen for ages (67 days with after my first MC). I then conceived quite quickly after that.

Have you thought about temping? That will confirm if and when you have ovulated so can be useful for tracking cycles when things are irregular.

I am sure you body will settle very quickly but you need to give yourself and your body time to heal a bit (advice I can give but never followed myself obviously!)

Good luck

PJ12 Thu 17-Dec-15 19:11:47

Thanks green lizard. I hear of so many women conceiving on their first cycle post miscarriage and I guess I was hoping I would be one of them. I knew my cycle would be a bit off after the miscarriage but I just assumed it would take a bit longer to get my period and that would be. I was very surprised to get my period 3 weeks after my MC and the thought of not ovulating for a while didn't really cross my mind. I guess it's just a waiting game now. I might give temping a go if I don't ovulate this cycle.

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