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Pom Poms, Placards and Picket Lines. The Berries are putting up the barricades and will not be crossed! A delightful bunch of 30 something Ladybros TTC #1.

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happylass Wed 16-Dec-15 19:07:58

The Berries have strict entrance criteria: TTC #1 for 12 months+, over 30, NO instadiffers, must have a special pimping pot and absolutely no mention of baby dust/dancing. Not that we're fussy!

Current Ladybros:

Smidge 39, TTC since Jan '13. Unexplained. Some high NK cell immune treatment. IVF#1 Short protocol Jul'14 BFN; IVF#2 Nov'14 and IVF#3 Feb'15 both Long protocol BFNs; Natural FET Jun'15 - Another BFN. Trying to work out what to do next.

Happylass, 37, TTC since Aug 2012. 3 failed ICSI cycles, 1 failed FET and 1 abandoned cycle due to poor response. Awaiting next and final cycle with own eggs hopefully Feb/March time. HATE THIS SHIT!!

Beaky 35, ttc 3 yrs, 2x failed iui 1 long protocol ivf cancelled, 2 short protocol IVF both BFN, very low amh/poor responder etc. 3rd IVF in January.

Tigerdog, 35, ttc since Jan 2013. Unexplained. IVF #1 chemical pregnancy. Currently redoing tests in preparation for IVF #2.

barkingtreefrog 36, ttc since Dec 2011. clomid bfp summer 2013 then mc @7 weeks, iui bfp summer 2014 then mc @6 weeks. Factor V leiden thrombophilia diagnosed at the repeat mc clinic. IUI bfn Jan 2015, IVF bfn April/May 2015. FET bfn August 2015, remaining frozen embryo perished. Private tests showed high nk cells activity and th1/th2 as well as mthrfr gene. Started downregging for long protocol ivf in Oct 15 plus two intralipid drips, and got pg. Third mc @ 6.4 weeks despite heparin, intralipids, metafolin and prednisolone. Last Ivf attempt starting February 2016 then on to adoption. 

Kuma - 40. TTC 2.9 years. Low AMH high FSH - DH antisperm ABs. Failed IVF June 14 and March 15, cancelled cycle June 15. Last try Jan 16. 

Lucieloos, 36, Low AMH & sperm motility. ICSI#1, April 2015, Czech Republic, BFN. Icsi#2, cancelled before EC. Icsi#3 & 4, Embryo Banking. 3 blasts in freezer. Icsi#5 in Czech in Jan. NHS cycle in Feb / March.

Sesame, 40, ttc 2 years with no dp, multiple failed IVFs, 4 ETs, 1 bfp followed by mc, poor responder with v low AMH, but still looking for the golden egg.

Nolly, 33, TTC 3 years, 1 confirmed MC, 2 more suspected. still in limbo. 

Funkymonk 33. Ttc since October 2012. Mc June 2013, Mmc dec 2013, mc June 2014. Factor v Leiden thrombophilia. Abandoned IVF Jan 2015 due to thin lining. Abandoned FET Aug 2015 due to thin lining. 4 embies on ice. Currently experimenting with different cycles in an attempt to thicken lining.

Clem, 39, ttc since 2013. diagnosed with anovulation by nhs so on a course of clomid. no male factor issues. all other test results have come back okay inc. ovarian test reserves. currently being referred back to nhs for single funded cycle.

Nolly, 33, TTC 3 years, 1 confirmed MC, 2 more suspected. Starting IVF in January.

Antonia79 36, ttc #1 since 2009, adhesions made for sticky insides & one tube removed, confirmed NHS IVF route Sept 15, TTC naturally again as recommended by doctor until IVF cycle starts (early - mid 2016) if not conceived by then.

Grin - 35, TTC 3 years, NFI why I can't get pregnant,, 3 X failed clomid attemots, 2 X ICSI failed fertilisations, 1 x IVF BFN. Doing another cycle in Mar 2016 and thinking of embryo donation.

The Roll of honour:

Pip - Quite simply the Best In Show.
Lumen - The Legend that is....

lucieloos Wed 16-Dec-15 20:24:24

Hello, marking my place! It's 2 northisterone you need to take Happy. Good that you can start the treatment whenever you want but bad that they can't get you in until Feb. After you've had the one treatment do you have to wait for them to invite you back to discuss doing it again? How long did that take?

GrinAndTonic Wed 16-Dec-15 20:29:31

Morning all
Just marking my place and saying hello.

SesameSparkle Wed 16-Dec-15 20:34:48

For the baby I lost, plus some wee extras for other special people. It didn't work out for me today. Hate this shit. sad sad

happy thanks for the shiny new thread. flowers I took 2 norethisterone a day from day 21 for a minimum of 5 days. Bleed comes 3-4 days after stopping. If that's not long enough, I think you might get away with starting slightly later.

lucieloos Wed 16-Dec-15 20:42:39

So sorry to hear that sesame, hugs to you thanks

beakybeak Wed 16-Dec-15 21:22:19

Oh no Sesame, how totally shit. So sorry lady flowers Had you ovulated early? Gutted for you.

Happy that's ridiculous. The consultant should surely know what they can do and rude receptionists need a good slap round the chops. I'm coming down with my placards "down with that sort of thing" and "careful now" in protest. I hope your email does the trick and they fit you in early.

Hope everyone is doing ok and Lumen if you're reading, I'm so sorry it didn't work out.

Had my counselling today, I did not enjoy it. It was talking about something I didn't want to talk about (ha obviously!) and I wanted to move on but couldn't. I had something else I wanted to focus on but didn't get to it. Next one is after the January cycle so will see what happens then.

happylass Wed 16-Dec-15 21:44:29

Well hello there <wakes from power hour on longer of limbo to find I'm no lounger home alone>.
Sesame I'm so very sorry. Sending a huge Berry hug flowers
Lucie this was our follow up after our failed cycle. After reporting the BFN over the phone we had to wait for an appointment letter. I think it's been just over a month since OTD so not long to wait at all really. I saw the same consultant you saw and I wasn't overly impressed. I prefer the doctor we dealt with last time. Though no doubt he wasn't overly enamoured with us after DH laid in to him blush
Beaky I'm sorry that the counselling didn't go the way you wanted but I hope it helps in some way.
Thanks for the Northisterone advice Ladybros. I was prescribed it by my private FC as they use it to control cycle start dates. Fx 6 days worth will be enough to help things work out. It looks like it should be but I won't get my hopes up as all too familiar with the law of sod!

tigerdog Wed 16-Dec-15 22:00:27

Oh bollocks to it sesame I'm sorry. flowers

Cheers for the new thread happy and sorry your appointment was crap - what you described sums up my NHS experience to date! Hope you can get your dates lined up.

beaky flowers hope you're ok after your counsellling session.

Knackered and in need of sleep...proper catch up tomorrow. Night ladybros

barkingtreefrog Wed 16-Dec-15 22:28:17

<marking place before I fall asleep>

Sesame that's shit. I'm so sorry flowers.

Happy the consultant should know what's going on, that's ridiculous. Well done for sending the email.

lucieloos Wed 16-Dec-15 22:30:59

Oh ok not too long to wait between appts then happy. Yes the consultant didn't really inspire a lot of confidence in us to be honest. We thought he was nice enough but he didn't know what Bravelle was when I explained we had use that during stimulation. I understand they only use menopur there but he's a fertility doctor surely he has some idea of what drugs are out there! He had to look it up on the Internet in front of us. I honestly felt like I had a wider knowledge base than he did. I just feel it's very bog standard and they do the same for everyone and for the lucky few that have some minor male factor or something it works but anything more than that just doesn't fill me with confidence at all. I guess it's better than nothing though and I am grateful for a free attempt.

Antonia79 Wed 16-Dec-15 22:59:45

I'm sorry Sesame flowers

happylass Wed 16-Dec-15 23:15:51

Lucie I suspect he's just someone who has been drafted in to get waiting times down. Our appointment after a bloody 40 minute wait literally consisted of him saying "I think we'll stick to the same protocol next time. When would you like to start?" When I asked if it would be worth getting some further tests done for immunes etc he said it was too early to say at this stage. Which makes me a bit hmm given that this will be cycle 2 of 2. He's doing a PhD in immunes too confused

Smidge001 Thu 17-Dec-15 03:10:11

Thanks for the new thread happy but boo, my stats didn't get updated. sad. That'll teach me for only doing my own and not copying the full list.

sorry sesame that EC was shit. What next?

lucieloos Thu 17-Dec-15 07:06:34

Oh yes I see your point happy. I take it they don

lucieloos Thu 17-Dec-15 07:09:42

Sorry accidentally pressed send before I had finished! I'll try again...

Oh yes I see your point happy. I assume they don't offer immune testing on the NHS then. It definitely sounds like they just want to get people in and out. Try the same stuff and if it doesn't work there we are bye bye. Are you able to pay privately for any extras whilst having NHS treatment? We have used PICSI in Czech and would have liked to have continued with it.

happylass Thu 17-Dec-15 16:55:37

Well it pays to complain. Had an email back from the FC manager today offering us an appointment for treatment planning next week. Berry Power! Hopefully that means we can get going early Jan and be done by the end of the month.
Lucie I mentioned that we would be prepared to pay for immunes etc but he still said he didn't think it necessary "at this stage". Not sure about paying for extras. Can't see it'd be a problem as long as it didn't interfere with anything they are doing.

barkingtreefrog Thu 17-Dec-15 18:04:39

Brilliant Happy, glad you can get going! smile

lucieloos Thu 17-Dec-15 18:29:13

That's brilliant news happy! Definitely well worth complaining. They would have to carry out the PICSI for us. I would be happy to pay for it but not sure if it's something they offer. Will have to try and find out at my treatment planning.

GrinAndTonic Thu 17-Dec-15 18:32:38

I never understood their reluctance to do tests. What stage do they mean? Let's get you to waste time and money first. I mean an oncologist does tell a person with cancer that it's too early to test for other cancers do they? I know it's a simplistic argument but the more you know the more you can do.

happylass Fri 18-Dec-15 14:19:28

Grin I've no idea at what stage he would actually suggest testing given that this is last chance saloon for us! The consultant at the private FC didn't advise testing either, but her reason was that she saw nothing in our stats to suggest we need it she just thinks my eggs are knackered

happylass Fri 18-Dec-15 15:23:49

It was Christmas jumper day in work today and this girl was wearing a jumper that said "Fesitive A.F". I'm assuming she was aiming for "Festive As Fuck" hmm but all I could think was that it sounds like she's advertising the fact that she got her period at Christmas grin. Immature I know but it's the end of term and I need all the entertainment I can get.

happylass Fri 18-Dec-15 15:25:16


beakybeak Fri 18-Dec-15 15:28:18

Sesame how are you doing lovely? Been thinking of you. flowers

Happy great news that you can press on in January! So pleased for you. Weird about the immunes testing though. My NHS clinic did mine after 2 failed attempts, who knows what they all do though. Totally agree with Grin, it's ridiculous.

beakybeak Fri 18-Dec-15 15:45:20

What a weird jumper Happy!!

nolly3 Fri 18-Dec-15 17:48:49

lol festive AF!

thanks for the fab new thread happy. Looks like you beaky and I will all be stabbing together. my drugs arrived today taking up valuable fridge space even as we speak.

So sorry about your sad news sesame. Here when you need us.

thanks for all the holiday well wishes dudettes. we were in Venice being decadent. Girt lush.

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