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Help and advice needed :)

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lisa77453 Wed 16-Dec-15 14:33:28

Hi, im new
Hi everyone, have been coming on here for the past couple of weeks and just plucked up the courage to post!

Have been ttc for nearly a year, well in a loose sort of way, thats when I came off the pill. I have 2 dd's with my ex husband, now 7 and 12. I wasnt alltogether sure about trying for a third for a while before stopping my pill but my oh hasnt got any of his own and will make a wonderful father - infact already is to my two, and a new baby would complete our little family.

Sorry if a bit tmi, im starting to get a bit down with it now to be honest, he begged me to come off the pill for ages and then was overjoyed when I agreed. The trouble is he suffers from ED and has done since before we met due to having a testicle removed because of cancer in his early twenties. He promised to see a dr about this for a while and didnt do anything about it, eventually he went (or so he says, i dont know why i dont 100% believe him- i trust him in every other way) just seemed like after me trying to gently persuade him for over 2 years to get help and lots of denial on his part, he came home from work one day and said, he had been and there isn't anything they can do about it until he loses some weight and quits smoking. I know these are major factors, but he isnt hugely overweight, and doesnt smoke heavily and has cut down massively in order to quit all together.

I dont know how to move forward, i dont want to nag him, but whenever the conversation moves in that direction (hes always touching my tummy and saying he cant wait for me to be pregnant) i then say well you do know i have to get pregnant first, he brushes it off and says oh theres plenty of time for that. Its frustrating me, dont want to put any pressure on by mentioning it, but also dont want to not do anything about it as nothing will happen. Have been thinking about home insemination but not sure how to bring it up with him without offending or upsetting him.

Sorry for the long post! Would be nice to hear from anyone really xxxx

AbeSaidYes Wed 16-Dec-15 14:36:35

Can you book an appointment to get your own fertility MOTd and talk to the doctor about your husband getting a sperm count done? These would be routine tests for couples who have been trying a while.

lisa77453 Wed 16-Dec-15 15:13:38

Thanks for replying smile

Im booked in for tomorrow, am going to have a chat with the dr about him too, but might have to drag him kicking and screaming!! We shall see

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