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Clearblue ovulation tests - 11 days of high fertility

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Nurse15 Wed 16-Dec-15 10:12:58

Hey everyone

I bought this kit a few weeks ago and have been using it religiously each morning - have now had 11 days of flashing smileys (high fertility) but no peak! Really disappointed as they are so expensive! Anyone any idea what's going on? Have been using Internet cheapies also and had an lh surge last week on those (not as dark as control line but quite close) I never usually get a true dark positive on Internet cheapies just get pretty close to it!

broodynmoody Wed 16-Dec-15 11:58:16

I've been using the clearblue and I got a static smiley without any flashing smileys. I looked it up and on a forum on another site someone had phoned clear blue helpline and they said on the dual ones, they test LH and estrogen, when one peaks it flashes, when they both peak at the same time it's static. So in my case mine both peaked at the same time and I'm guessing in your case, each one has peaked at a different times so I would just keep doing the baby dance as often as u can when you've got the flashing smileys.

sophied1983 Sun 20-Dec-15 07:41:21

I had this too... and then finally got a peak on day 38 of cycle!!! It was high for ages, then dropped to low and then peaked. Cycle ended up being 51 days long.

Have you tried any of the cheapy pee sticks you can get online? In a way, they can be a bit easier to read I've found - and way cheaper!

Shortybabe Sun 20-Dec-15 15:41:00

I had 1 empty, 13 flashing smileys then got my static on the 15th day. First month I've used them. X

Nurse15 Sun 20-Dec-15 17:51:34

Thanks for the replies, I have given up on them as they are just too expensive to use everyday and be getting poor results. Just going to stick with the Internet cheapies I had been using

Pinkdiva Sun 20-Dec-15 20:18:48

Their expensive but can tests I had 5 days of flashing got my solid on day 6 I found the line ones harder

Pinkdiva Sun 20-Dec-15 20:20:51

Great Not can dam autocorrect ⛔

Nurse15 Sun 20-Dec-15 21:08:23

They're not too great though when you've had 16 days of flashing smileys lol sad

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