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Tender uterus after ovulation.

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Sparkles83 Tue 15-Dec-15 21:04:42

Ok here goes, this is my first post I'm just looking for some advice; I had an early mc in November, I've had one period and I ovulated the last 2 days. Today I have lower abdomen tenderness, not all the time its intermittent and only sore really if my daughter sits this normal, I don't remember from my first time ttc tho o had similar the month I came off birth control. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Thank you xx

Machine123 Wed 23-Dec-15 01:34:17

Do you think it could be mittelschmerz? Aka ovulation pain? I always feel it when I ovulate, sometimes it's on the left side and sometimes it's on the right. It's not really painful as such but just a dull ache for about 12 hours. It's supposed to be the egg pushing through the ovary walls. On both occasions that I was trying to conceive I used the dull ache as an indicator of when to have sex and on both occasions I fell pregnant instantly. Just one time and boom!

Derbyday Thu 24-Dec-15 12:07:59

I was on the pill for a year before coming off in the summer. Ever since, I've had a tender uterus around ovulation, including a few days after. Never had it before going on the pill though.

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