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BFP - what do I do now?

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Colabottle10 Tue 15-Dec-15 15:50:48

Am immensely surprised to find I'm pregnant! Only the second month of trying, I'm late 30s so expected it to be difficult if I'm honest. 2 positive tests so took myself off to the dr today. I was surprised to see she didn't do a test to confirm, just took my word for it! Told me to ask for a maternity pack at reception but when I did they didn't have any and said they'd post one out. I'm sort of in a bit of limbo really. Am only 4 weeks (or two weeks in reality) so it can all go horribly wrong, but I'm surprised that there seems nothing to do until a scan at week 12!

embarrasseddoesntcutit Tue 15-Dec-15 17:49:35

You'll need to book in with your midwife, around 8ish weeks (but I found spaces fill up quickly so I'd get it booked it). Take folic acid and vit D if not already and enjoy the symptom free week or two you have!


Raxacoricofallapatorius Tue 15-Dec-15 17:57:14

There's nothing to do. Most places don't recommend you see a GP unless you're high risk or need medical care. They don't need to do a pregnancy test as they're the same as home ones. You just self refer to the midwife who won't want to see you for at least a month. Some places combine the first appointment with the scan. Your pack or the reception will clarify.

All you need to do is take folic acid and celebrate. Congratulations!

guest2013 Tue 15-Dec-15 21:02:49

Congratulations! You'll be due around the same time as me. I found out yesterday! Come over to the August 2016 thread in Antenatal clubs if you fancy and you'll be able to chat with women due around the same time. It's very helpful if you have any questions or just read others experiences smile

Colabottle10 Tue 15-Dec-15 21:46:29

Thanks everyone. I have no contact details for the midwifery all. The GP was unsure if the midwife contacts me or if I have to contact the mid wife and said it would be in the maternity but then there wasn't any.....

So nobody to contact, all feels very uneventful if I'm honest!

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