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Phantom cramps!

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nashley Mon 14-Dec-15 18:18:10

Is this actually possible?
TTC age 30 and only month 1! DTD every other day as really can't face any ovulation monitoring. I am CD 10 and already obsessing over symptom checking. I told myself I wouldn't get like this this time around (previously TTC 3 years ago but stopped due to bereavement).
I have been feeling nauseous at intervals and lower tummy feels sort of tight and achy. Am I going mad?! Probably haven't even ov yet!

Can your mind really create symptoms?! It's driving me mad and fear it will get worse! Why is a month so long?!

Snowdog37 Mon 14-Dec-15 18:26:21

I'm not even due to ovulate til Wednesday and I'm already imagining things after dtd twice lol... This is my first time ttc and I just know I'm going to lose the plot before I can even test on the 29th or so. Am trying to relax and distract myself but this is all way too exciting. fgrin

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