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Can't decide if we should go for #3

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sparkle789 Sun 13-Dec-15 22:20:25

Dh and I have 2 dd's age 8 & 2. We keep going back and forth on number 3. We both really want another child, but I'm so worried about coping with another, and just the logistics of everything.
How can we make a decision!? If we have another I want to ttc soon as I don't want another big gap.

Babylon12 Mon 14-Dec-15 06:49:12

Can't help much but interested for any responses as this is kind of how I felt too, we've decided to go for it but I was hesitant too.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 14-Dec-15 09:05:22

I'm feeling like this as to whether to go for number 2.

I've spent months and months trying to convince DH we should have another (DS is 21 months) and although he finally agreed to it last week, now that I have his agreement I'm suddenly feeling very hesitant about it.

MotiSen Mon 14-Dec-15 12:27:21

2 is great - children generally appreciate a sibling - my DS is an only, and I can see how it would be better for him had I been able to have 2. However, 3? Reproduce yourself, but maybe give the planet a break on the exponential population growth thing? Plus, what about the dreaded middle child complex? : )

Shemozzle Tue 15-Dec-15 19:32:19

Hi, I'm currently trying for number 3, and also have 2dd's 8 and 2. I was also really hesitant and constantly changing my mind, until DP said lets go for it now (instead of in the new year as we'd speculated about) and ever since then I've stopped hesitating so much. Well, little tiny worries of how I'll cope but no way near as much.

Like you after having a 6 year gap first time I wanted a smaller gap. Yes the big gap was great for me and big dd hasn't been jealous and usually very helpful, but I feel like she'd benefit so much from a closer age sibling as she gets quite bored and lonely and that's why I don't want to wait anymore.

In the middle of the 2 week wait now and super excited.

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