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+OPK but low progesterone???

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Annarose2014 Sat 12-Dec-15 10:26:54

I'm confused about how quickly progesterone levels drop if implantation doesn't occur. (And it didn't, AF came today)

Basically I got a + OPK over the weekend before last. So about 12/13 days ago or thereabouts. As it was on a weekend, I had to wait a week and then go to the GP on the Monday morning to have my post-ovulation blood test.

So it was realistically about Day 8, or maybe even 9 when bloods were taken. Does it make any difference at all when its not exactly Day 7?

It was 12.6 and she said I needed over 30 to be assured ovulation had actually taken place.

My question is: how quickly does progesterone drop off a cliff if implantation doesn't occur?

Clutching at straws that I had been over 30 at some stage! But its unlikely if it was only a day or two off, right? sad

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