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Ttc #1 with short cycles and pcos/endo!

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Snowdog37 Wed 09-Dec-15 18:13:23

Hi, I'm new here and hoping to find others in the same boat! I'm in my late 30s trying to start a family with my hub, and I've got endo and pcos! I've not had any children yet and am not sure if I'll be able to now, given my age and health issues. In the wait to be referred to a specialist we've been told to use OPKs, preseed and as my luteal phase hovers around 9-10 days progesterone cream 2 days after ovulation until I get a positive hpt or my period. So we are starting this month! My ob gyn says even with 26 day cycles and my other laundry list of issues, I might get lucky as we've never actually tried to get me pregnant before. So I'm going to think positive thoughts and enjoy some early nights with the hub until such time as I get pregnant or it proves impossible to do without further assistance!

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