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Anyone had any luck with Pre-seed?

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Kittyrainbows Wed 09-Dec-15 13:00:20

I've been reading about pre-seed and was thinking about giving it a go, but then I came across a forum where nearly all the women who had posted suffered a miscarriage after conceiving (using it).
Obviously this isn't a fair representation I'm sure and might be a tragic coincidence but thought I'd ask if anyone on here had success after using it? Thanks so much in advance. smile

Snowdog37 Wed 09-Dec-15 18:34:13

I've read (way too many!) forums about preseed and most are positive. My ob gyn says it could help older ladies ttc as it makes your environment better for the swimmers. I'm giving it a go because at 37 the clock is ticking and it won't hurt to try it! I personally think if you miscarry it's because your body knows something is not quite right with that particular fertilized egg so I don't think lube has much influence really.

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