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TTC a boy - technical question!

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CandyCrush77 Tue 08-Dec-15 13:53:41

Literally just started TTC this month and would like to try for a boy. The guidance for having a boy seems to have sex on the day of ovulation. I am now on day 13 (when I usually ovulate) but we have had sex every day since Saturday (that would be sex on day 10, 11 and 12). I think the advice is based on the idea that male sperm swim faster then female sperm and so if you have sex on the day you ovulate then the male sperm will win the race. If you have sex on every day though, what happens? Would the female sperm from day 10/11/12 already have swum up and beat the male sperm or would "fresh" male sperm received on day of ovulation win the race? Really not expecting anyone to know this but very curious to know if I am cocked up (literally) our plan to TTC a boy.

Runner05 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:00:11

"Guidance" on how to conceive a boy or a girl really is just silly. The two main leading theories contradict each other and in scientific study make no difference.

Whether you have a bit or a girl is most likely going to depend on genetic traits of your partner (whether he is producing more x or y sperm) and there is very little you can do to effect that.

The only real guide that has any basis in science is that if you've already had two children of the same sex you are far more likely to have a third of that same sex.

sparechange Tue 08-Dec-15 14:06:55

I don't think there is any reliable way to pick the sex, other than having pre-implantation chromosomal screening with an IVF embryo and only putting back the ones of your preferred sex. You'd have to go to the US for this, because it is illegal in the UK and most of Europe.

There are a few old wives tales about how you can potentially influence the chances, but I think at best, you'd move from 50:50 to 40:60
And that is assuming your DP produces 50:50 XX:XY sperm, which lots of men don't - is there a dominant sex on his side of the family?

Some theories say that female sperm survive better in acidic environments, so some women are insane enough to wear a lemon-juice soaked tampon while TTC. Other theories say that male sperm are slower but live longer, so having sex a few days before ovulation means that more male sperm are left to fertilise the egg when it is released.

The reality is that there has never been a single proper study on the characteristics of male vs female sperm, so these are at best wives tales and at worst, made up entirely.

Is there a reason it is so important to you to have a boy?

CandyCrush77 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:14:46

Thanks both. No major reason and would be happy with a girl too. I have two boys already (not within DH) and think boys are great. No idea what I would do with a girl. DH has a boy and a girl with his ex-wife so no strong predetermination on his side.

Runner05 Tue 08-Dec-15 14:20:31

Sorry Candy but in that case you might be stuck with 50:50

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