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Pill withdrawal, ovulation or pregnant?! Confused!

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BlueGirl1982 Mon 07-Dec-15 06:38:23

Hi ladies, very new to all of this and looking for some wisdom please!!

This is my second month off the pill, we aren't actively ttc but we're not making much effort to not...supposed to be waiting till after Christmas but only bothering with condoms 50% of the time!

Last AF was 18/11, so currently on cd20. Last cycle was 32 days, however last time I stopped pill, first cycle was around that then subsequent cycles were 27 days so this one could be anywhere from 27+

I'm not temping or using sticks (as technically not ttc yet!) but I'm getting 'symptoms', problem is I don't know what they're symptoms of!

I am using ovia, which has my fertile period as 1/12-6/12, but this is guesswork based on last cycle.

Last few days I've had quite bad insomnia, wide awake from 5am then shattered in the afternoon, now have sore nipples (unusual) and yesterday evening had quite bad AF type cramps, but AF not due for 7 days at least...we had unprotected sex a couple of times last these sound like ovulation symptoms or just my body playing tricks on me?? It's too early for pg symptoms surely?!

I know I need to just stop thinking and wait, especially as not technically ttc yet but it's so hard! Next month I think I will actually try to track ovulation, hopefully it will cut out some of the crazy symptom spotting!

Sorry for long post, just v confused confused

Jadetj83 Mon 07-Dec-15 07:04:36

It's hard to say as I had all those symptoms when I came off my pill, I actually thought I was pregnant. Only way to tell is test around cd27 xx

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