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Wanted to TTC, worried about possible kidney stones, anyone else had this?

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bumbleclat Sun 06-Dec-15 23:50:39

DH and I were very excited to start TTC this month but since July I've been having lots of urine infections and pain in my kidneys.

Finally, after being fobbed off with numerous courses of antibiotics they have taken bloods and urine and are sending me for a CT scan in February to check for kidney stones.

I know that I can't be pregnant when the CT scan is done due to the large amounts of radiation but I was wondering if anyone knows how long I should leave it before TTC after the scan?

Will I still be radiated a month, twi months after?

The Drs didn't seem to know when I asked.

Aldo if it is kidney stones and I have to have them blasted into sand and wee them out will that procedure harm my baby?

The blood test also found that Im deficient in vitamin D so need to boost this too before TTC.


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