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Someone tell me to calm down

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isthatpoisontoo Sat 05-Dec-15 17:06:51

DP and I agreed we'd start TTCing in Feb, after our wedding. I came off the pill a few months ago, to make sure everything would be levelled out by then, and started temping (I like to be prepared) and taking vitamins (really well prepared).

We DTD the night before last night. The next morning I went to put my temp in my chart (CD 12) and realised that we may -just- be in the fertile window. I got a bit carried away, thinking about how if I did get pregnant, I'd be 3 months along by the time of the wedding, could tell everyone in my speech, and we'd have started a family by the end of summer. It was all very silly and sickening, I know.

Anyway the morning after we DTD, I did an OPK, and it was negative. And today, and it was negative. So unless I was ovulating in the middle of the night between CD11-12, there's no chance of conceiving, I think. I was so sure I was usually ovulating CD12-14 because in previous months I've had a tiny bit of brownish spotting on one of those days, but I must have been wrong.

I feel so disappointed! It's so silly, when we had agreed to not even try yet, but I can't get it out of my head. Someone tell me to snap out of it, please!

mmmminx Sat 05-Dec-15 20:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

quitecrunchy Sat 05-Dec-15 23:28:37

Calm down poison! grin

Seriously, you should though. The run up to the wedding will probably be stressful enough - you can do without worrying about growing a bean and dealing with morning sickness. Also you maybe wanna get that ring on your finger before you unleash the crazy ttc lady on him wink My DH might've done a runner if he'd only known the monster I'd turn into!

MrsPCR Sat 05-Dec-15 23:39:28

I'd to wait until after the wedding. There is now way I would have wanted to get married within the first 5 months. Maybe at 5 and a half I'd consider it now... You don't know how your body will react. The sickness can be both mentally and physically draining. Also by 12 weeks I had chunked out, gone up 2 cup sizes and had a mini-bump having previously been slim. Would have made finding the perfect dress interesting! Plus the list of food my body has become intolerant to in pregnancy means eating is now a means to an end. Again, something you wouldn't want on your wedding day.

Pregnancy is really not what I expected; I hate being pregnant. I had planned for it to be so glamorous and fun! There's nothing glamorous about getting dirty looks for throwing up in a bin at 11am in the morning when you're 24 weeks pregnant and supposed to be past that.

isthatpoisontoo Sat 05-Dec-15 23:42:40

Thank you mmmminx and quitecrunchy. You're both absolutely right. I hadn't thought about sickness, it would be fairly awful to be sick while trying to organise the wedding, especially as I'm doing most of the catering myself. I'd like to enjoy the day, too!

I shall try to restrain the crazy ttc lady for a few more months.

isthatpoisontoo Sat 05-Dec-15 23:52:59

Sorry, cross-post.

You know, MrsPCR I hadn't even thought about morning sickness. You're starting to make me feel relieved about a near miss! I could fit a bump into my dress, it's currently 2 sizes too big, but I could do without two cup sizes and the need to throw up. DP has a new job and will only be home at weekends for the two months before the wedding, while I try to singlehandedly organise things. Thinking about it, I'm not sure all that, plus what you describe, would be a recipe for bliss.

SeriousStuff Sun 06-Dec-15 00:33:13

We conceived both our by DTD every other 2-3 days. No ov sticks, no temping. Just relax a bit. Also, I would've hated to be 3 months pg at my wedding. The 1st 3 months for me were/are the worst - nausea, hightened sense of smell, could only eat a few things, the tiredness, good gosh, the tiredness!

Maybe have some fun on your honeymoon instead...

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 06-Dec-15 22:56:37

I was pregnant at our wedding (8 weeks). I was exhausted and I couldn't wait to go to sleep! I'd wait if you can-weddings are stressful too particularly in the run up to them and if you're knackered and hormonal it'll just make things more stressful! Xx

isthatpoisontoo Mon 07-Dec-15 11:46:47

Hi seriousstuff, we're not really going to have the option of every 2-3 days, as DP is going to be working away Monday-Friday in the new year. I take your point, though.

I'm hearing what everyone is saying about nausea and tiredness, and feeling like I've dodged a bullet! You've all done an excellent job of convincing me to wait until after the wedding.

quitecrunchy Mon 07-Dec-15 19:17:22

All the best for the wedding btw poison, hope you all have a brilliant day flowers

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