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Most accurate pregnancy tests & where to get them cheapest?

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evelynj Sat 05-Dec-15 07:19:34

Hi all

I feel pregnant. My period is about 5 days late & 3 days ago I did a test that I thought maybe had a very faint line. Did another yest & this morn but both def negative. They were cheap sticks which have always been positive in the past quite early no probs. had a mmc just over a year ago which I found really hard.

Supposed to be going out for drinks tonight but not sure if I should, then I think Im being crazy as have just bfns! I have 2 dc & have had 2 mcs & hate the waiting to know, in my head I've already worked out when I can book for an early scan to check for a heartbeat! The madness it immediately instlls in my is so depressing!

Anyway, I digress. Does anyone know the best tests or cheapest-happy to order on,Ibe as I clearly need to learn some patience & wait a few days before testing again (unless I fork out for an early response which I'll probably have talked myself into doing before I press post...)

Celen Sat 05-Dec-15 18:30:44

I think Superdrug ones are as sensitive as FRERs and half the price x

evelynj Sat 05-Dec-15 19:50:14

Thanks Celen, will check them out tomorrow. Feel a bit less obsessed about it now it's evening time. Think I will go out & just have a glass or 2 of wine & try not to test again until Monday.

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