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Nosey pregnancy probing people!

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Faye12345 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:49:34

Im not sure how many of you tell people your ttc in real life but i have only told DH (obvs) and three close mates. As Xmas approaches do you get the family questions about when your having a baby? If so how do you answer? Personally i find it nosey and rude!

Vap0 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:53:27

Yes, I have them all the bloody time. They are incredibly rude and inconsiderate. I just started having my 2nd mc today and luckily have avoided comments such as this but know it will happen at Xmas when this will still be very raw. People ask without thinking and I don't understand why they think this is ever a good topic of conversation? How dare these people pry into such a hurtful subject matter as flippantly as though they are discussing the weather. It drives me mad. I'm yet to come back with a good response. Usually because it hits such a raw nerve. I just say "one day" and quickly change the subject.

Faye12345 Thu 03-Dec-15 19:57:12

So sorry to hear what youre going through vap. Its your business tell them to bugger off!

Flossiesmummy Thu 03-Dec-15 20:43:41

If you can bear to say the words, tell the prying sods that you've just suffered your second mc.

They might just realise how inappropriate it is to ask.

Rememberallball Thu 03-Dec-15 22:00:31

Not quite the same vein but my 5 year old DNiece announced to me today "Don't worry, you'll have a baby before you die!"

Erm thanks!! I'm 44 in a couple of weeks; have been ttc for 15 months and been told out only likely chance of parenthood is donor IVF!! At least I'm not planning on dying any time soon!!

ThePartyArtist Thu 03-Dec-15 23:14:33

I know exactly what you mean OP - I hate getting this question, always amazed so many virtual strangers think it's okay.
I haven't really found a good response. Generally I politely smile and say 'one day' or allude to other things that are taking priority first. Sometimes I'm tempted to say we're just enjoying the practice for now, or something along the lines of 'you'll be the first to know. And how is your sex life? ' just to shock, but I never really dare! Or maybe feign deafness and say 'sorry I didn't quite hear your question over the deafening ticking of my biological clock' - I said that to a male colleague and it shut him up pretty fast!
Maybe if you fear probing questions from particularly vocal people in the family you could have a quiet word to pre-empt it?

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