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Line... Yay or nay?

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Plumviolet Thu 03-Dec-15 19:29:26

Think I'm going crazy. Very early no missed period yet, just VERY impatient.

MaccaPaccaismyNemesis Thu 03-Dec-15 19:57:36

Sorry I can't see a line, when is Af due?

KitKat1985 Thu 03-Dec-15 20:01:22

Not sure. How many DPO are you?

SpendSpendSpend Thu 03-Dec-15 20:03:46

Thats definitely negative

Plumviolet Thu 03-Dec-15 20:18:43

Boo. My eyes are playing tricks on me. Thanks for your replies.

Couple of days till af due. So bored waiting!!

greenlizard Fri 04-Dec-15 09:52:49

I don't know I think I can see a hint of a line there - have you done another test?

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