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Basal temp is higher than its ever been... fingers and toes crossed....

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Maxfell2008 Thu 03-Dec-15 13:54:05

hey all,

been charting for the last week so far, and with my period due on Tues/ wednesday next week... My temp every single morning has been 97.70+ for me, for last 3 days straight, whereas before its only hit a high of 96.75.

I think (cant be 100% sure), on sunday afternoon i had bright pink spots of blood when i went to the loo. - bit unusual for me.

Also last week i had heavy cramping almost like i would be about to come on my period.

I have bloods tomorrow afternoon as part of a general check up, - would these bloods check for a manner of different things, and if so, if i WAS pregnant, would it show this?

Ta xx

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