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Pregnancy or hormonal imbalance? Anyone else wondering?

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luhunnie Thu 03-Dec-15 04:20:57

Hi ladies! I went to the doc last week to get checked out for a really weird early period and cramps that didn't stop and still haven't stopped (my "period" ended almost 3 weeks ago). In addition, I've had major fatigue and lots of random crying. Last week sore breasts and nausea set in. I took 2 pregnancy tests, both negative, and the doctor didn't see anything in an ultrasound. He says it's my hormones out of whack because of too much exercise. But this week (what would be week 7 if I was pregnant) my nausea has gotten much worse and I'm vomiting randomly.

I know a hormonal imbalance can cause sore breasts and cramps, but has anyone experienced something like morning sickness and not been pregnant? If I'm pregnant, wouldn't the hpt have been positive at 6 weeks? I took the tests in the evening, but still...

Rainy34 Thu 03-Dec-15 21:15:55

I can't give you much advice ,
Have you taken anymore tests recently ? all i can share with you is , a year and a half ago i had this situation which i am normally 24 or 28 day cycle and i had a 42 day cycle, felt really sick , so tired and cramps in my stomach, different to period pain, i took 11 pregnancy tests and they were all negative, i believe to this day that i was pregnant but my hcg was not high enough to show that i was pregnant, and i had a chemical pregnancy as when my period came it was extremely heavy, I can't say that this is what is happening to you as i was never physically sick, i have had tests done and i have low progesterone ,

luhunnie Thu 03-Dec-15 21:56:33

Oh, sorry about that! It's so confusing. I took another test this morning though and it was still negative. I would be 7 weeks by now, so I guess there's no way I'd get a BFP after now sad

Rainy34 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:42:10

Im really sorry, is your periods regular?, have you upped your exercise regime in any way?, also have you stopped birth control recently?, sorry for all of the questions, just trying to see if there could be a link in some way, its such a mine field!!

luhunnie Fri 04-Dec-15 01:20:45

It is a mine field! My period has always been regular down to the day, so I was really shocked this month that it came early and the cramps lasted so long. The only time I've ever felt this way is in a previous pregnancy. However, I did start a new workout routine last month. That's what the doc is blaming it on so far. I haven't worked out in the three weeks since the cramping started though, so I keep hoping it'll get back to normal. We actually weren't ttc, but I would really love to be pregnant! I have a follow up visit with my doc tomorrow, but he can't tell me much. I guess if my next period is late I'll have to get more tests done.

Rainy34 Fri 04-Dec-15 19:36:46

You poor thing you must be really pulling your hair out now, hopefully you either get your bfp soon or Af turns up soon and you can move on and start trying!!!

Sadie91 Fri 04-Dec-15 23:29:50

I ended up at cd83 on my last cycle. Had all the symptoms I remembered from my previous pregnancy includes nausea and heartburn. Finally gave in and went to a doctor who said I have pcos. However, I was never given an ultrasound so still don't know how severe. I had elevated shbg levels and slightly off liver levels. I got an extremely light period for 7 days which is very unusual for me! :/
I hope you get answers soon, I know how frustrating it can be no get no period and no bfp sad
Best of luck sweet xxx

luhunnie Sat 05-Dec-15 04:31:25

Thanks ladies! Had my checkup yesterday and he still says hormone imbalance. He just said eat healthy meals 3 times a day, lay off the workouts, and sleep enough. If the nausea doesn't lay off soon I'm going to an internal medicine doctor. We'll see if AF comes next week! If not, I'll break down and get a blood test

luhunnie Sun 06-Dec-15 02:12:02

Well, AF is back today with a vengeance, so I guess this wasn't the right time. sad

Thanks for your input!

Rainy34 Sun 06-Dec-15 13:00:58

Sorry Af has turned up hopefully your next cycle will be back on track!!

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