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mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 10:41:35

Quick question, I had a mc in Aug ( my second ) . Had period end of sep, than i cant remember if i had one in October.i know that sounds stupid, but i realy cant. Next was the 13th november. I forgot about the non oct period, and we had sex sat and sunday, as i thought it was day 27 of my cycle. Well i forgot about the maybe missed period in oct,! Im probably being really confusing here! So what i am asking is if my cycles are abou t42 days at the moment, were we silly?!?! On a 28 day cycle i should have had af on sunday. I know cycles can be messed up after a mc, so what do you think??? When could i test, if i d ont know when im due sort of thing.
We have been using the withdrawal method, because after 2 mc's i am afriad of pumping hormones into me

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 10:46:48

forgot to add, fell on the pill both times, well missed a few but you know what i mean!!

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 11:03:07


mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 14:16:05


greedyformincepies Tue 12-Dec-06 14:25:20

very confusing! so i take it you dont want to get pg? is that right? my cycles are typically 42 days (used to be anyway, now they are more irregular) but i used to ov around day 25,26,27,28 so if it was a long cycle you are having you could of been fertile then. do you feel pre-menstrual at all? i think you might just have to wait and see what happens, cos if you do a test it might not be giving a true result anyway! good luck with whatever you want to happen

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 14:31:08

um well we are not trying, but it wouldnt be a nightmare, iykwim. How long should it take for cycles to get back to normal?!?!
if it was a 45 day cycle i could have been fertile? on day 27?

Feel a bit sick and tired, but i think i could be imagining it. Got a lot going on at the moment. lol.

greedyformincepies Tue 12-Dec-06 15:45:49

if your cycle was that long it would be like mine and i am normally fertile around day 27! that was only the other day for you though wasnt it? so you certainly wouldnt get any pregnancy symptoms yet

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 15:52:09

yep gfmp! i know i just get paranoid ;)
thank you, you have sort of unconfused me, with regards to where in my cycle etc.

greedyformincepies Tue 12-Dec-06 15:55:12

what does gfmp stand for? i am normally good at working them out...but that has got me!

greedyformincepies Tue 12-Dec-06 15:56:06

DUR!!!!!!! its ME isnt it! ok sorry! too much looking at a pc screen has frazzled my brain!

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 15:57:21

lol, yes its you! hehe

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 12-Dec-06 16:00:57

A normal cycle length is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days or with a variation of 4 days or less from month to month.

With a 45 day cycle it may be that you are not ovulating regularly (it is possible to have periods without ovulating). The pill leaves your system very quickly after you finish taking it.

Irregular cycles can be caused by hormonal imbalances so it is best to get this checked out sooner rather than later. A blood test would show what hormone levels are exactly like. If a blood test was done then the levels of LH (luteinising hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulation hormone) must be compared against each other. Normally these two are the same; an imbalance particularly of LH to FSH can be indicative of hormonal problems which can be treated.

mia84 Tue 12-Dec-06 16:03:40

thanks attilla. I had a mc in August, my periods were regular before that, well before taking the pill anyhoo. Dont know if it was a one off or something? i never used to have such long cycles.

greedyformincepies Tue 12-Dec-06 17:01:20

attila - you always sound very knowledgeable about these things, are you in the medical profession or just smart?

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 13-Dec-06 07:03:49

Hi gfmp,

Have learnt through my own experience and asking questions.

I have always had very irregular periods but it wasn't until I started to try for a family that this was investigated. I was eventually diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

mia84 Wed 13-Dec-06 13:36:02

Attila ,do you think i could have something like that? My periods were always regular from the age of 13 up to 18, but i think theres something wrong with me to have had 2 miscarriages?! Hormone imbalance maybe?

greedyformincepies Wed 13-Dec-06 13:44:06

maybe mia, but maybe not.the miscarriages were probably just very bad luck dont worry about something that is probably not there. i have always had super long cycles, but dont have pcos and have succesfully concieved 2 children. i would say please dont worry too much, especially if you are not even ttc yet! there are lots of other typical symptoms that go along with pcos such as weight gain, hisutism, thinning hair, acne etc. see your gp if you are worried, but i am sure you are just having a long cycle!

mia84 Wed 13-Dec-06 13:55:51

thank you! I dont have acne or thin hair or anything, i just worry there may be someting wrong. Im secretly really broody! I hope i have just been unlucky!


greedyformincepies Wed 13-Dec-06 13:59:39

i know if i dont say this attila will!......those symptoms i mentioned are only some of the symptoms of pcos and not everyone gets them anyway, so if you are at all worried in the future you should se your gp. but you dont seem to have a problem making babies, if you were on the pill both times when you fell before! so i am sure the miscarriages were just bad luck.

mia84 Mon 18-Dec-06 13:14:17

I dont think ive got PCOS TBH. I am now thinking my cycle is just a bit mixed up after my miscarriage.
Still no sign of AF, and i do really feel sick. Still think it would be too early for that though?! im on day 35.
Oh well, we'll see i suppose! :D

mia84 Mon 18-Dec-06 15:33:41

Just noticed a big patch of eczma on my hand!! ive got asthma but never had eczma. Do you think it could be a symptom? maybe?

greedyformincepies Mon 18-Dec-06 19:53:39

mia mia mia!!!!! dont get carried away! just wait and see what happens! symptom spotting is dangerous and can end in tears!

mia84 Tue 19-Dec-06 07:04:19

lol, gfmp, I know!!! dont worry i'll bo ok!

Day 36 today though!

mia84 Tue 26-Dec-06 16:29:53

Day 45 now!! So i suppose if my cycle was 45 days i would get af today, no sign yet!

Quick question. if my cycle is 45 days and i am pg, how many weeks would i be?!

merrylissiemas Tue 26-Dec-06 16:32:27

here try this. good luck

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