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just started ttc! feeling lost!

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EllieM22 Tue 01-Dec-15 12:40:16

Hi, i'm new here and this is my first thread i'm posting on!
Not actively TTC, but thought we would see what happened in November. However we are now talking about actively ttc after christmas

DTD on sun 15th and sun 22nd, absolutely no idea when I OD.
I had cramps constantly since about 19th Nov, nothing like AF. Also severely bloated and bad stomachache. I fainted at one point and had blood tests done on 27th Nov which didn't show anything.

AF was due today 1st Dec, normally first thing in the morning like clockwork. Nothing yet, and I don't feel like she is about to come anytime soon. Taken a CBD and a FRER and both negative. Still getting these weird cramps on both sides of my uterus like a pulling/stretching, and last night I threw up.

Decided to take my bbt for the first time this morning at 7am when I first woke up, and it was 36.65.

So it is now probably about 9-16dpo. I really don't feel like AF is around the corner, and she is never late, but my tests are BFN.

Any advice?

Thick creamy CM but I have that most days of my cycles anyway.

Also 2 huge spots on my chin which i don't ever get.

Thanks smile wishing BFPs to everyone!

Flossiesmummy Tue 01-Dec-15 13:52:54

When I was TTC my first, my cycles were delayed through worry and nerves.

I suspect AF will come in a couple of days, although I really hope I'm wrong.

Keep us informed! Baby dust for you thanks

nuttynutter Tue 01-Dec-15 18:07:25

Hi im also new here just started tryin to conceive in november..maybe ur just too early on to get a positive ur hcg could be really low still if u ovulated late in ur cycle and every womans different. The fainting sounds like a gd thing as mental as this might soundwink but i know a lot of women who got severe dizzy spells in early pregnancy. Flossiesmummy could also b right tho my periods have been late since ttc sumtimes our stupid ovaries like to screw with our heads methinks neway gd luck let me know how u get on xflowers

nuttynutter Tue 01-Dec-15 18:31:39

Been ttc since sept sorry lol november durrgghh was last month

EllieM22 Tue 01-Dec-15 20:43:28

Thanks for your replies ladies.
Fainted again today, really hope that's a good sign!
Also still no AF. However (sorry tmi) I am constipated which is extremely unusual, normally the opposite when AF comes. Also quite itchy down there! Any of you ladies experienced this?

Any recommendations for HPTs?

Wishing you all baby dust!

nuttynutter Wed 02-Dec-15 04:04:25

Hate to be gross but with creamy cm u may have thrush plus side thats really common in pregnancy tho(silver lining eh lol). Constipation also a sign of pregnancy u been having ne crazy dreams or nauseau dnt know if thats how u spell that haha. Sounds crazy but ive heard lying with ur pelvic up after sex is gd helps with gravity etc have u been takin pregnancy vitamins ? Obvs that helps and drinking alot of water i know ppl say wait til middle of ur cycle to ttc but i think sex every other day is the best option covers u from all angles incase u ovulate late or early. I think Ive just had a chemicalsad so im out for this mnth ma cycles seem to last bout 42 days so no xmas bfp for me fingers crossed for urs tho x keep us posted

EllieM22 Wed 02-Dec-15 20:59:54

Kimbokat, sorry to hear you are out! Baby dust for next month!

No vivid dreams.
Still no AF, CM turned watery for one day now back to thick and creamy.

Bbs are fine, but i am super bloated, look and feel 3 months pregnant haha!

Got a pink dye test for the morning. But i suspect implantation was friday, had a pinching and a spot of pink in my underwear. So i may not get a BFP on a hpt until friday!

Just wish i knew either way!

nuttynutter Wed 02-Dec-15 23:29:48

Roll on fri then ..keep us posted x u been gettin ready for xmas at least that provides a bit of distraction for us eh?

EllieM22 Thu 03-Dec-15 07:58:45

Bfn this morning! Dont know why I tested arghhh.

Driving myself crazy looking for a line that isnt there!

Trying to get ready for xmas yeah, but i still have another week of work to get through.

nuttynutter Thu 03-Dec-15 10:45:27

Lucky u i have to work up to xmas day uuuggghh..still no af tho ?on the plus mite still b too early u been buyin cheapy tests or brands i end up wastin a fortune on testsfblush. U said mite not show up til fri so still in x ive heard folk on these threads saying angus cactus helps with ttc and acupuncture mite look into it..

Acupunctureforfertility Thu 03-Dec-15 19:49:16

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