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pfft! confused!

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Demoiselle Tue 01-Dec-15 09:19:30

My history:
27 been ttc for about 4 years.
Pcos 36day cycles. Ttc#1. I'm seeing a gynae she checked my dh he is fine with me we have had initial scans and bloodwork next appt 07 December.

Well last cycle about day 22 I felt various symptoms of 'pregnancy' and some I'm not even sure if they are pregnancy symptoms!
Heavy breasts
Stronger smells (I made chocolate rice puff cakes... Last night when eating them I could smell the paper cupcase and it was putting me off!)
Lower back pain
Pressure feeling down below going across my whole lower abdomen (not sure what this is a symptom of)
Feeling the need to pee even when I have just been.
Vivid vivid dreams!

So anyway I was spotting from day 25-33 very light watery. I did a hpt on day 32 bfn. Then I had a slightly heavier flow on day 34 so I marked it as my new cycle and thought AF had showed up. Well that 'heavier' flow only lasted one light pad! It was light spotting after that. Then it stopped about 4 days later. Going by that being my new cycle start I'm on day 14, a few times I have had very light watery blood on tissue nothing on pantyliner (tmi sorry).
I did a hpt again today was bfn. I still feel all the symptoms mentioned above. I went to see gp 2 weeks ago and she told me the test I did at home was negative so I can't be pregnant. And that was it. Nothing further! A very nice brush off! Even after I told her all my symptoms!

So now I'm thinking I'm going to go back and see her... And what should I say to her etc???

I'm quite concerned now, I don't want to feel like this. I keep telling myself it's the horrible side of pcos mimicking pregnancy symptoms. I mean i know some months I feel symptoms that Arnt there it's jus my want for a baby. Once my AF shows up I stop feeling those symptoms. But this time they haven't gone away!

Demoiselle Tue 01-Dec-15 09:22:35

I missed out feeling tired!! My gosh! Sunday I slept in till 11 then later afternoon dozed off on the sofa for over 3 hours!! confused

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