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When will be the time to go back to the doctor? TMI, anyone feeling like they can give advice?

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eggsinthefridge Mon 30-Nov-15 21:19:59

I have been off the pill for around a year now, actively trying since March 2015 to have a baby.

My cycle never regulated after coming off the pill. I thought I was getting into a routine with having a period every 70 days, so really only had a couple real chances to try and get pregnant. I took opks and monitored cervical fluid in this time, and got 2 positive opks but the rest of the time I didn't think I ovulated. The 2 cycles I got a positive opk, I ended up getting my period 9 days later. So either I didn't ovulate when I thought I did, or there is a problem with my luteal phase.

I visited my GP in August and got a referral for the gynaecologist for my irregular cycle and also as my period was very heavy and painful. I went to the appointment in October, they did a scan as they suspected PCOS, however there was no evidence of this in the scan. They said to go for bloods (on day 2 of my cycle and on day 21). However, I have not been successful in getting these done due to work commitments.

I thought I had mastered my cycle, I was dealing with the fact I was having a period every 70 days, and liked knowing when it was coming. However, this went out the window last cycle. I got some heavy spotting on day 26, which lasted 6 days (I thought this was a light period). It then stopped for 2 days, and I got a fairly heavy bleed for one day. 6 days later, I then got a proper period, which was very heavy and felt more like my regular cycle. This ended 3 days ago, and today I again I have a fairly decent bleed! I have been taking opks and IC throughout all this, and everything has came back negative.

I never got to the GP for bloods this cycle as I was so confused as to what was actually my CD1! I would need to take time off work to go, and can't waste this time if it isn't actually the right time to get them done. At my hospital appointment they told me to leave it until December before returning to my GP for a referral onto the fertility clinic. I really don't want to use up a space on the waiting list if they are just going to tell me to wait until my cycle settles into a routine. I would find this so difficult to relate back to the doctor just with all the details involved, I end up confusing myself with everything going on.

Does anyone have any experience of this? Or any advice? Conceiving is actually becoming a second thought now, I just want things back to normal.

eggsinthefridge Mon 30-Nov-15 21:45:35

I'm really struggling with not understanding what's happening. I just couldn't cope with this not being taken seriously.

Onsera3 Mon 30-Nov-15 21:55:17

I think how long they will tell you to wait depends on how old you are.

You really do need to try and get those bloods done but I know it's difficult when they are not regular. I think just go and get them done on the first day of a bleed- whatever it is and it will be the proof that you need that something is not right.

I don't think the fertility clinic will tell you to wait for your cycle to get regular at all.

Regarding the PCOS diagnosis I wouldn't take one scan as definitive. I was seeing Gynae for endometriosis which was revealed in surgeries to be extensive despite never showing up on scans. When I was TTC the cyclical pain was horrendous incl at ovulation. So I was scanned and they said ovaries looked fine. That same year at fertility clinic they said appeared polycystic. I'd always had symptoms of PCOS.When I went back to Gynae as periods were very slow returning after baby they scanned and said yes, they were polycystic and admitted must have been missed first time.

eggsinthefridge Mon 30-Nov-15 22:06:02

I'm 25. So still feel like I have time on my side for things.

They seemed so thorough checking the internal scan. The bloods are meant to confirm though. At the time of my gyne appointment, I didn't fully discuss my concerns about not ovulating as at the time I was having a 70 day cycle, so felt that the ovulation was easy to miss.

I actually felt a diagnosis of PCOS would be reassuring as everything did seem to match! It's good to know that I shouldn't rule it out fully just yet. Thanks Onsera for sharing your experience.

Onsera3 Mon 30-Nov-15 22:19:53

They say 12mo of TTC I think before you get help at your age.

But if there is some obvious issue- medical condition or something like your irregular periods- I think you can get started with the investigations at 6mo. That way you can be ready to go to the fertility clinic at 12mo.

I imagine they could try you on Clomid.

It can also be worthwhile to get your partner to give a sample for testing. The GP could arrange it. You don't want to get too far down the road of assuming the problem is just you and find out it was partner too! Plus lifestyle factors (like beer drinking) can have big impact on male fertility but it can be quickly improved.

eggsinthefridge Mon 30-Nov-15 22:30:14

Yes it might be worth getting my DH to get checked too, although I suspect he might be a little reluctant with that. Do you know if the GP does sperm checking or would he need a hospital referral for that too?

DH doesn't drink much, although his diet is severly lacking in fruits and vegetables. We are both taking the conception vitamins to help our chances. I think a visit back to the GP is something I will aim to do in the next couple weeks. I keep wanting to try the 'wait and see' approach, but it just seems like I am wasting time, and I am getting more and more confused!

Onsera3 Tue 01-Dec-15 06:50:31

Getting DH is checked is similar to getting blood test I think in that GP gives you paperwork and you Go to hosp without appointment. It's a bit of a faff if you don't live close to hospital as specimen has to be very fresh.

eggsinthefridge Tue 01-Dec-15 07:38:14

Thanks Onsera, I'll ask about that when I'm next there to check. DH will take a bit of convincing to do it I think.

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