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Missed period

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Christinedonna Mon 30-Nov-15 14:51:39

My period was due the day before yesterday(28th), although it's usually first thing in the morning so it's basically almost 3 days late already. I've had sore boobs for a few days now (they're extremely sore and swollen now) and have had back ache for about a week, not as bad now as when it first started but still definitely there. I've had a few dull cramps and little twinges but nothing like period pains. I have had diarrhoea today and felt abit sicky yesterday and the day before and have napped everyday for a week or so now during the day as I'm exhausted. I got home from work last night feeling really down in the car, walked in and sobbed for an hour over absolutely nothing, I just felt really emotional. I'm going to get a test today..anyone that's had these symptoms and got their outcome or are currently in the same suspension boat please feel free to let meknow.

Norris88 Fri 18-Dec-15 19:15:55

I've had exactly all these aswel! Your post is from a few weeks ago any luck?

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