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TTC, Wellman, Pregnacare supplements, Brown spotting, menses 5/7 late, PMS symptoms, Anyone else in same boat?

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RainbowTime Mon 30-Nov-15 03:21:32

Good evening,

New to mums net, TTC 2y, partner on well man and I have been on pregnacare, recently changed from seven seas products. Period due 5 days ago, however have just started spotting minimal brown substance for one day only, only when wiping (TMI Sorry). Wearing a pad which seems clean and dry. IC HCG tests Neg at present time. Otherwise partner and myself healthy but have had 2 previous MC for unknown reasons. Any light people can shed on situation will help. Ive numerous symptoms, weighty sensitive breasts, nausea, insomnia (hence time of post), minimal cravings, constipation (TMI).

Let me know if I'm not alone, best wishes to all.

RainbowTime Thu 03-Dec-15 00:22:32

Evening all,
Still no answers, 7 days overdue menses, BFN on ICs, brown spotting - minimal. Usually fit and healthy. GP states to wait a week and do a further test, didn't seem concerned. My cycle is usually like clock work.

Any one else experienced this? Any advice be much appreciated.
Best Wishes.

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