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To early to test?

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Pepperpot123 Sun 29-Nov-15 23:19:51

Hello all I'm cd49. Came off the pill October. Have come off before for other reasons and longest cycle first month off the pill was 44 days. Here's the thing funny taste in mouth, varying appetite, sore boobs at times and obviously no period. Have tested yesterday with clear blue that was negative. Could it be my post pill hormones are playing up? Is it too early to test ? Bearing in mind I only came off the pill in October I'm not thinking I am pregnant yet but it can happen!

Pepperpot123 Mon 30-Nov-15 00:27:10

Oops realised title should be too early not to. Pedantic aren't I?

SeriousStuff Mon 30-Nov-15 00:28:32

It's not impossible. No harm in testing I say!

Pepperpot123 Mon 30-Nov-15 00:30:22

Thanks stuff. Test yesterday was negative. Might leave it another week and test again if no af x

SeriousStuff Mon 30-Nov-15 00:45:38

Fingers crossed for you - let us know how you get on.

Womenareliketeabags Mon 30-Nov-15 06:54:48

I'd personally test every other day with your first wee of the morning. It takes 48 hours for your hormone levels to rise.

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