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Ovulation symptoms but LH surge not detected by OPK

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GGubbins Sun 29-Nov-15 13:16:47

Hi I wondered if anyone could shed some light please.

I'm on day 18 of my cycle and have been doing OPK tests twice a day since day ten. They've all been a total negative apart from around day 12 a second line did appeared but it wasn't as dark as the main line.

This weekend is meant to be my window and over the last two days (day17-18) I've had ovulation symptoms including spotting and mucus and the tingly sensations which I often get mid cycle and assume are 'ovulation pains' although they're not painful just a sensation.

I wondered if anyone knows if you can ovulate without having the LH surge? Or could I have missed it a week ago when the other line did appear faintly?

My cycle varies between 27-35 but is usually between 29-32 days although ive had a few which are 45 but the long ones are very rare for me and due to stress.

Hope someone can put my mind at ease
Thanks :-)

MummyBex1985 Sun 29-Nov-15 14:09:38

Yes, you can definitely OV without a surge being picked up. They aren't all that reliable IMO (and there can be different "good" times of day to test for different women) and I've seen plenty of PG women on here who didn't get a positive test smile

shelbTa Sun 29-Nov-15 21:59:46

Hi gubins - you read my mind!

I'm on cycle one but have been tracking using cheapo internet sticks since I came off the pill. According to ovia my fertile window began Saturday and since then I've got a line on the sticks but not as strong as the control one. I've also got period type pains - do yours feel like that? I'm currently cd13.


GGubbins Mon 30-Nov-15 22:36:45

MummyBex- thank you so much for your reassurance! I feel a lot better about it not!

ShelbTa- I've heard that a lot of women's ovulation pains are period like. So I recon you are ovulating as its too early to be a period?!
But for me its more of a tingle/pressure sensation on one side.
I'm sure I ovulated this weekend because of the symptoms, however I haven't even had a faint line on the ovulation test. Appart from a fainter line at day 12/13 but that was way too early to have been ovulation and the symptoms were this weekend (day 16-18ish)
I'm begining to question the reliability of the ovulation sticks...I got cheap ones too, mine are from the pound shop😳
I'm also a keen tea drinker and regular peeer! Finding it impossible to hold off of both of those for 4 hours before taking the tests twice a day!!
I kind of wish I hadn't started the OPK pee stick things because I fear it's made me more stressed which can't be helping! If it wasn't for the tests I would feel pretty confident that I must be on to a winner because of all my ovulation symptoms. I had no reason to think I don't ovulate before the tests!

Shall we quit the tests and trust our bodies to tell us?? 😊

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