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Fever and paracetamol

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Summeblaze Thu 26-Nov-15 14:54:46

I am currently in the 2ww and have come down with a fever. I am concerned about taking paracetamol to get my temperature down as I have taken 4 lots so far and its creeping back up again.

How many is ok. I don't like taking tablets often and only take them when absolutely necessary but know that a high temp when pg is bad.

miniswin Thu 26-Nov-15 15:00:46

Maximum of 4g - four doses of two 500mg tablets, in any twenty four hour period. No more than this. Maintaining fluid intake is probably just as important as antipyretics for simple fever. If you are feeling very unwell then seek medical attention, if it's a cold or mild viral-type illness better to just ride it out.

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