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Birth Control Pill- Could I get pregnant again?

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goldcraycray Thu 26-Nov-15 14:01:15

I'm not going to fully go into the whole story because it's terribly long and angers me, but I need some advice and answers from anyone who can help.
On Oct 7th I had to have an abortion due to an unwanted pregnancy (I've been successfully on the pill for 3 1/2 years, due to a detox tea the pill became ineffective whilst on holiday.)
I had to go to Marie Stopes again on Nov 18th because due to their shoddy care I was told I had retained tissue. I was given two pills which would start a "light period" and to stay on my birth control pill (which I started again around 4th Nov). However, the birth control pills stop bleeding so this week I didn't bleed at all. I've called up the aftercare line & have been told I should now COME OFF the pill so I can have a period. My boyfriend and I had sex a few times (unprotected because I was on the pill) yesterday morning and the night before (24/25th) so now I'm worried that there's a risk I could conceive again during this week? I can't wait any longer because the longer the tissues there the higher the risk of infection. Also, I'm on the last week of pills (4 left, break would start 30th). My normal period would start Dec 10th & I'd ovulate Nov 27th. I'm sorry this is so confusing I just can't afford to make a mistake!
To summarise
-pill started 4th Nov (should start first day of period but it was messed up after abortion)
-told I had retained tissue on 18th, supposed to have fake period to clear
-no bleeding, it's now 26th & have been told to come off pill for a week to start fake period
-had sex w/o condom 24/25th nov, and having break from pill 26th- 3rd In a normal cycle, my period would start 10th Dec, I'd ovulate tomoz (27th). I'm on the last week of pills however though, so does this affect chances? I'm so confused and stressed.

Rememberallball Thu 26-Nov-15 16:46:12

Forgive me if I'm wrong but, unless you are intermittent with taking the pill, are unwell or have something happen that makes the pill less effective (as you found with your detox), then the pill prevents you from ovulating and the 'period' is actually breakthrough bleeding.

Utterlyclueless Thu 26-Nov-15 16:49:39

You don't ovulate on the pill the chances are unlikely for you to have conceived.
You generally don't ovulate till 2 weeks after you've stopped taking a pill too depending on the pill

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