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CoccoPopps Mon 23-Nov-15 18:46:00

Hi Everyone, i wasn't too sure where to post this but i know i would have welcomed success stories when i was doing my research! hopefully not tmi!

I am 40 and just pregnant with my first following an ectopic pregnancy in February. I was given the go ahead to try again in the summer and we'd been trying each month, SMEP, Clearblue fertility monitor the works, but i used to suffer with Cystitis quite a lot which kinda puts the knackers on things! My other half suggested we tried the "cup and syringe" when i had my last cystitis bout as i was upset about missing another month, so we gave it a whirl. Sometimes the syringe route, sometimes we used softcups instead, both with a bit of conceive plus mixed in for good luck and it worked!! I've just been for my 6 week scan to get confirmation its not ectopic and all good news and even saw a little heartbeat on the screen. Still an emotional wreck!

I was really sceptical, didn't think it would work, and got shock of my life to get the BMP after first month trying that way! if anything it added some humour to the whole TTC experience.!

So don't give up, and keep trying you never know when or how it will happen! i'm just keeping everything crossed now this one stays put!! xx

eskimoflo Mon 23-Nov-15 19:27:22

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I'm thinking of trying AI this month. To cut a long story short, I have only ovulated once in the last year, but we've still been trying, as I only find out if I've ovulated or not after blood tests. I'm currently on the highest dose of clomid, but even that has only worked once out of the two times I've taken it at that dose. As you can imagine, all of the trying in vain has put a lot of pressure on the physical side of things and the one time that I actually did ovulate, we'd both been a bit disengaged with the whole thing and 'missed the boat' if you know what I mean. I'm hoping that some syringe action will take away some of that pressure and we won't feel like we've put 'everything' into it if I don't ovulate again this month. Thanks again, and huge congratulations on your pregnancy flowers flowers

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